The Cold That Had No End

This past year we’ve had a lot of mysterious illnesses.  And why were they so mysterious?  Because in most cases, there was a complete lack of symptoms except for one.  Sometimes there was only a mid-range fever of about 100-101, but nothing else, and after a few days, everything was right as rain.

Other times, there was no fever, but a very runny nose – actually two runny noses, as the girls were very nice about sharing their colds with each other, and with me too, of course 🙂

This last one has perpetually runny noses and while one twin (Halle) had an ongoing fever of about 99-100, her twin (Zanna) was 99 for a few days, then 103 for three days straight, then back down to 99 for a couple more, then she was fine.  I had to keep the both of them out of nursery school for a week and a half, much to the immense gratitude of the school staff, who said that all too often parents send their sick children in, and then the whole class gets whatever it is.

Luckily the homeopathic stuff worked most of the time, but when the higher fevers over 101.9 settled in, we broke out the children’s tylenol knock-off and children’s ibuprofen.

The girls had great fun snorting out gobs of greenish snot** and running around to escape me trying to remove it from their dripping faces.

Then, at last, they were fine and dandy again.

Except for me.  Now I’ve got it, and it is MISERABLE, because it seems that the adult version has a few more symptoms like hot and cold chills, sore throat and body aches.

Thankfully my husband gave me an ENTIRE weekend to rest up and recover, bless him!!

Now that I’m more or less functional again, it’s time to tackle the mountain of unpacked boxes still left from our recent move.

Oh year, I forgot to mention that didn’t I?

I’ll tell the tale of our move in the next post.  It’s a stirring tale of Biblical epic scale, complete with floods, pestilence, the minions of darkness and industrial-strength Pine-Sol.



**From my research, I’ve learned that when white bloodcells are active in the body fighting off infection, they release an enzyme that has a greenish tinge.  That is why when your cold is at the worst, the mucus is greener, and lightens in color as the cold comes to an end and the white bloodcells are no longer needed as much.

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