The Move

In my last post I mentioned that we moved recently.  And what a move it was!  We’re talking Biblically epic scale, here!

Flood, pestilence, minions of darkness and industrial-strength Pine-Sol(tm)!!!

And thereby hangs a tail!  — Oh yeah, there was a plague of rats, too (well, actually they were mice, but those are kinda like rats, right?)

If you remember, we were having a wee bit of trouble with our neighbors downstairs (minions of darkness).  They resented anyone even breathing above their heads, and had a total hate-on for the pitter-patter of little feet.

Their last act of terrorism was to phone in a false report to Dept. of Youth & Family Services a.k.a. the social workers.

Luckily that was proven to be verifiably 100% false by the very nice social worker who showed up unexpectedly at our door for a surprise inspection.

She urged us, however to get a restraining order against the downstairs neighbor, as what she had done was illegal.

We chose not to, however, as we felt that would be rather drastic and would result in a permanent black mark on that neighbor’s record.

Not too long after, we realized that we might have erred a little too much on the side of forgiveness.

The neighbor threatened to my face that she would phone in more false reports, as she wanted our kids taken away from us in court, so that she wouldn’t have to hear them existing above her.

Yeah, I know…psycho much?

So I let her know what the social worker had said about filing a restraining order and that we were now seriously considering whether or not to do that, so could she please cease the threats?

Then she started banging on our floor (her ceiling) whether or not anyone was making any noise.

Around this time, her apartment was invaded by mice (Biblical plague of rats – or close enough in my book).

Our apartment was untouched.

Then another neighbor told us that our downstairs neighbor was bragging around that she was planning to wait until the middle of the night and then slamming a frypan against the walls and ceiling (our floor) for the purpose of waking our kids up in the middle of the night to hear them cry.

So we told the complex manager about it, and he offered us an apartment in another building, a bit larger, with no increase in rent.  We decided to take it.  It was a real blessing for us, as there was supposed to be a rent increase anyway in our old apartment that we had been concerned with, but now that was all taken care of! 🙂

And to further help us out, he also offered to pay something to the people we hired to help us move!

God was truly looking out for us!

The night before the move, the septic tank broke under our old apartment, and the stench of raw sewage wafted up to our apartment (Biblical pestilence!  And flood!).  We managed to block off the fumes, but then a sanitation worker poured a couple barrels of industrial-strength Pine-Sol(tm) under the building, and those fumes could cut concrete! (Biblical Pine-Sol(tm)!!)

And guess whose apartment was sitting RIGHT ON TOP of all that? — The downstairs neighbors!!

We were out the next day, but for days afterwards, you could smell the fumes from across the parking lot!

Somehow God knew that this would happen and delivered us!  Other neighbors muttered that it was His judgement on the downstairs neighbors (minions of darkness!) for how they had treated us.

And that is the story of how we moved recently.

Hopefully we’ll all live happily ever after – even the former downstairs neighbors…once the Pine-Sol(tm) fumes fade.

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