Hopping onto the Potty Train

At last we have broken through the glass ceiling of potty training.  It took the longest time to finally get at least one of the twins interested in actually sitting on the potty, and not just rampaging through the bathroom like a wild orangutan baby, flinging water and other unmentionables with merry abandon!

And now that Halle has pushed the envelope, we can’t get her to stop or even slow down.  She gleefully drops trou and heads for the bathroom constantly, whether she has to go or not.  She’s in love with the whole ritual: open toilet, plonk potty-seat attachment on, drag footstool over, and ensconce herself as regally as any princess who ever ascended a throne.

And then, after she has perused a few books, comes the followup ritual:  the careful selection of exactly the RIGHT amount of toilet paper, wiping, the careful choosing of what place to drop the paper into the toilet (rather like one of those skill cranes you fish stuffed toys out of), the flush, the wave ‘bye-bye’ and onwards to the bathroom sink.

And Heaven have mercy on the poor parent who tries to help her at any stage of the game, because it is sure that Halle will have no mercy.  The wrath of toddler will descend and can only be appeased by repeating the ritual that had been desecrated.  The ENTIRE ritual, not just the part in error.

I’m beginning to wonder if this is OCD or just normal Toddler behavior.

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