A Nose Job

Toddlers, I have learned, can be lightning-fast.  They also have exceedingly hard heads.  The combination of these two points, however, can spell “trouble” to an unwary mama, with a capital “OUCH!”

Picture this:  There you are, cuddling your toddler on your lap, reading, tatting lace, whatever.  Then suddenly, without warning, your little cutie-pie whips her head back at 100mph, slamming it into your nose.

Or you’re bending over to better hear the precious things they say, and with more velocity than a launching NASA rocket, cutie-pie leaps into the air, slamming into your bottom jaw, almost severing your tongue in the process.

Oh boy, what fun.  Yippee.

I have learned that it is the prudent and wise mama that keeps her tongue pulled safely back behind her teeth in the vicinity of her dear little ones, and keeps her head back and turned to the side when cuddling her darlings on her lap.

Of course there’s always the side of the head head-slams to watch out for, too.  Sudden yankings on the hair, and I’ve totally given up wearing earrings around my twins and I always warn visiting guests to also eschew ear adornments and other visible body-piercings.

Just a little food for thought 🙂

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