Happy Birthday, Jesus!

We are now less than two weeks away from School Vacation.

If you’ve guessed that I am less than enthusiastic about this, you’d be right!

Summer Vacation is one thing: plenty of parks to play in, plenty of things to do that don’t involve frostbite.

But winter….recently it’s been around 20 degrees!  So that means indoor time!

Of course I’m going to try and arrange playdates – but those always seem to get canceled when one or more parties is sick and oozing multi-colored phlegm from their cute button noses.

Right now I’m stocking up on little arts and crafts projects, and we’re bringing out the big guns in terms of Christmas presents: roller skates!

I plan to move all of the furniture out of the way, roll up the carpets and let the girls skate to their little hearts’ content – fully helmeted and padded, of course!

That’ll wear them out for naptime! 

I hope.

One of those days, thankfully, the girls will be attending a birthday party for one of their nursery-school classmates.  And one of the days will be Jesus’s Birthday. 

This year we’ve decided to forget the traditional pagan fertility symbol (tree) and just get Him a nice birthday cake with sparkling candles, followed by a nice present to the children as symbolic of giving presents to the Christ child, and then Karaoke.  I’m pretty sure Jesus likes Karaoke.  It is, after all, the modern version of caroling.

We even got a nice Wiggles karaoke CD so we can all sing festive Wiggles songs in honor of Jesus’s Birthday.

Yes, I have caved a little and gotten stockings to hang up, in case Saint Nicholas (who was a REAL saint, by the way) decides to visit, and we’ll put out a plate of non-fattening snacks for the old gent, as he’ll no doubt be working up quite an appetite visiting all those children as his way of honoring Baby Jesus.

Yes, we are totally proponents of the “Jesus is the Reason for the Season!” campaign! (even though I’m pretty sure he actually was born in the summertime).

We’ll even have some Latkes in His honor!  (Jesus WAS a nice Jewish boy, after all!)  (But we’ll be putting applesauce on our latkes – not ketchup!  We’re not philistines, fer pete’s sake!)

Happy Holidays, Peace on Earth and Good Will to ALL!!!

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