Kicking Our Monkeys

Fairly recently we’ve broken the addictions our girls had to pacifier and thumb, respectivly.

Halle finally has the pacifier monkey off her back, and Zanna no longer is jonesing for a thumb fix.

And it was shockingly easier than we thought it’d be!

In Halle’s case, the pacifier broke one evening, and we had run out of replacements.  When I told her we’d sew it into the belly of one of her stuffed animals so she’d always have it near, she wasn’t too broken up about it, and by the end of one week, had ceased asking for it.

Then we moved on to Zanna’s thumb (no, we did not break and remove it like the pacifier!).  In her case, we put a cute Hello Kitty bandaid on it so she couldn’t enjoy sucking on it, and from that moment on, the thumb never went into her mouth again!  Thankfully she accepted the presence of the bandaid pretty well, and didn’t even try to remove it.

Many people had recommended everything from pepper juice, grapefuit oil and other nasty elixirs to spread on her thumb, but A) I thought this was a bit cruel, and B) I worried she’d get the stuff into her eyes, and C) If the stuff got from her fingers to her food, she’d be put off that food for life (and it would be just my luck if it were a vegetable that happened to!).

So now it’s a few weeks on, and the girls are pernicious oral habit-free!

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