Update on Housebound Sitch

UPDATE:  Well, I didn’t get to see ‘The King’s Speech’ like I planned, because I was going to do a Valentine’s Day thing with someone, but now she’s down for the count after being sneezed and coughed on by the twins, so we’ve had to call that off for now.

And now Halle’s running a 103 fever too…so she probably caught the strep from Zanna before the antibiotics kicked in.


And now we’ve had a little setback in the potty training, as the antibiotics the girls are taking has the side effect of causing diarhiaa!  So instead of big-girl panties, they’re both back on diapers, but thankfully Halle’s been keeping hers mostly dry and still asking for the potty to relieve herself.  Zanna waffles back and forth between using the diaper and using the potty.

So now we’re trying to balance their fruit and veggie intake with constipating foods.  And trying to keep them hydrated.

They’ve been against Pedialyte for awhile now, so I’ve switched to coconut water mixed with a wee bit of apple juice for color, and of course we’re trying to stuff probiotics down their little gullets to stave off the total destruction of their intestinal flora by the antibiotics.


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