Round Two

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Halle has always been extraordinarily clever.  Both the girls are clever, but Halle sometimes takes it to a whole new level that leaves me astounded.

Way back when the girls were just tiny burritos in their swaddle wraps, and I was valiantly striving to breastfeed with the SNS (Supplemental Nursing System by Medela), Halle was the first one to realize that it was the straw taped to my breast, and not the nipple, that had the ‘milk’ coming from it.

So she pushed out the nipple and thenceforth would only open her mouth just a teensy tiny amount – the only thing that could fit, was the straw.

And now that we’re doing the 1-2-3 Magic! system to humanely discipline the girls, Halle’s done it again!

We’re still in the ‘testing’ phase but both of the girls are doing very well!  We no longer have to call upon the Tooth Fairy for toothbrushing time, and bedtime is getting a wee bit easier, though it’s still somewhat of an uphill battle at times.

Neither of the girls like timeouts, but thankfully those are also becoming fewer.

Which is a good thing, as Halle has been doing her darndest to come up with ways around them!

First, she tried the ol’ “But I’m being good now!” trick, after we reached the count of ‘3’ and she was on her way to the bedroom for a timeout.

Then, she tried “I have to go potty, Mama!”, which took me a little while to catch on to.  I finally caught a ride on the clue bus when she had a timeout just a couple minutes after using the potty, and announced she needed the potty (so of course she couldn’t do a timeout, right Mama?)

So if she’d just used the potty fairly recently, but has a timeout, I now just tell her, she can use the potty again after her timeout in 3 minutes.

Matter settled, right?


Then the little darling tried using reverse psychology on me!

After I had put her in her room with the timer, she loudly announced that timeouts were “so fun!”  and proceeded to laugh uproariously interspersed with loud proclamations that she was “having so much fun, Mama!”

When I replied “That’s great, Halle!  I’ll see you in 3 minutes, after timeout is over.”  suddenly timeout wasn’t such a barrel of laughs and she demanded to be let out.

I guess she thought that if I thought timeout wasn’t such a negative consequence after all, that I’d give up on it and let her out.

I can see that world domination might someday be on her holiday wishlist.

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