Anti-Family Food Court, Part Two

Last week I blogged about the anti-family-friendly nature of our local mall’s food court, and the atrocious music videos they insisted on playing during the hours when 90% of the people there were parents, grandparents, nannies and pre-k children and babies.

The previous post was:  Anti-Family Food Court

I just got an email back from Simon Malls’ Area Director of Marketing & Business Development:

“Thank you for your recent communication regarding the TV screens at
XXXXXX Mall. All of us at Simon Property Group are highly sensitive to
our customers’ needs and always take their comments very seriously.

We have a strict policy that only family-friendly content is projected on
the television monitors and have consistently received positive feedback
from shoppers about the programming. We will carefully review the playlist
logs during the timeframe you have referenced and will make any necessary
adjustments to ensure that our policies are adhered to.

Your comments and patronage are greatly valued and we sincerely hope that
your future visits to XXXXXX Mall will be pleasurable.

E————, CMD
Area Director of Marketing & Business Development
Simon Property Group® l Simon Brand Ventures”

Well, I hope they will be able to make changes in the playlist, but I have doubts, as it touts itself as a “phone-in, text-in” style jukebox that anyone can make whatever choice they want. And apparently the choices made by the food court workers and remaining 10% of customers who are not cargivers or small children, are not fit for family viewing.

Unless you have some seriously warped caregivers or small children, that is!

So, we’ll see…..

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