I need DORA panties, Mama!!!

Though I have long attempted to resist the temptation to indulge my kids with media character-emblazoned items, they have nevertheless creeped into our lives during moments of maternal weakness.

I don’t mean that I have sentimental weakness for these characters, it’s more like severe and extreme sleep deprivation.  There are some days that if it’ll keep the kids happily playing over and and around my exhausted carcass, as I sit there in a befuddled, semi-dozing daze, then I sometimes cave and hand over such items from my emergency stash.

And there are other times that only a character themed item will get a job done.  Hence, Dora the Explorer coming to my rescue in the matter of potty training.

The girls’ nursery school teacher, Miss Rhonda, had been quite adamant that there were to be no more diapers during the daytime.  I was totally down with this, but the girls were proving hard to wean off the nappies.

Enter the obscenely-priced underwear (around $8-$9 for 3 pairs!) festooned with Dora, Hello Kitty and various cute forms of insect life.

But some days, only Dora will do.

And Heaven help me if I’ve gotten behind on the laundry and there’s only Hello Kitty or cute bugs available!

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