Grass Juice

I have a black thumb.  In fact, I probably have two black hands.

I’ve actually had houseplants attempt harakiri to get away from me!

Really!  This one plant was totally stable, and in the middle of a coffee table, far from any edge, yet it managed to somehow fling itself off and crash on the floor.  Twice!

So, anyhoo… since everyone is going on about how growing edible plants at home will encourage children to eat their veggies, I’m going to make another attempt at growing greenery at home.

Last year, we had pretty good results with an Earthbox ($38 incl. shipping, ouch!) and some cherry tomatoes, but the suspended strawberry planter we tried yielded about 4 tiny, very bitter strawberries, and a 1 inch stalk of broccoli.  I tried replanting it with mint and basil and those did MUCH better! 

The reason I like these planter-type thingys is that I always forget to water plants.  I’m terrible at it.  So the Earthbox worked pretty well, it had a 3 gallon resevoir, and if I skipped a day or two….or three….no harm done!

The suspended strawberry planter, however, was awful!  The water (and fertilizer!) dripped out the bottom, and I had to water it every day!  Sometimes even twice a day! 

So this year, in addition to the wheatgrass growing trays we’ll keep inside, we’ll be using the old Earthbox and trying to build another one of our own, for what the internet assures me will be around $15.

Not wanting to waste time or money, I lugged the girls to Whole Foods and bought some organic wheat seeds, barley seeds and raw hulled sunflower seeds.  Since I saw hulled ones for sale on a sprouting website, I assume they’ll work.

Right now, they’re all soaking away overnite in their little plastic trays, and the girls are all revved up about the project.

They’re tickled about the thought of drinking ‘grass juice’!  They each swished their little hands in the trays of soaking seeds and can’t wait to see their own grass plants growing!

This’ll either work out, or I’ll have more horticultural deaths on my hands!

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