Over the river &…

Last week I had a brilliant idea.  Or so I thought.

Wouldn’t it be great, I thought, if I brought the girls over to their Bubbe’s (grandmother) place and we could just all hang out.

It didn’t occur to me that my mom would not only remember all the times I described the girls as ‘wild orangutan babies’ while painting a vivid picture of their stellar homewrecking abilities, but that she would also extrapolate the application of such abilities to her own abode.

In short, she was justifiably trepidatious at having my little two-girl wrecking crew over to her home with the intention of setting them loose there.

So I thought, again brilliantly, we’ll just dangle some toy or activity in front of them and the girls will forget all about wreaking mayhem and destruction of biblical levels upon Bubbe’s home.

Convieniently forgetting, of course, that that never really worked all that well in my own home.

Ah well, I commended the whole busines into God’s hands and off we went, in search of Bubbe.

Luckily for us, the girls were actually quite well behaved!!  There was no flinging of lunch hither and yon, no spillage of juice, no long-distance spitting of any sort, and they didn’t even show any interest in flinging themselves at the windows to see if the glass would break!

They were very nice little girls, well behaved, and they and Bubbe had a lot of fun, while Mama kinda sat in the corner, staring at the wall and possibly drooling a bit.

My mother was a bit concerned for me, but I assured her that I actually found it to be quite relaxing.

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1 thought on “Over the river &…

  1. I noticed that the exhaustion from keeping up with the twins is a bit cumulative. It takes longer and longer to recover during breaks. Full-day schooldays can't come quickly enough…but I'm sure going to miss it when they're not little bitty girls anymore!

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