Held On Suspicion Of Bribery

I have to give my husband a GREAT BIG HUG!!!

Somehow, he has managed to achieve the Holy Grail of Parenting:

He has managed to get our twins to eat VEGETABLES!!!!!!!

He refuses to share his secret with me, so I’m beginning to suspect he’s bribed the girls somehow, except I’ll be darned if I can figure out how!  I’ve kept my eye on him, and have seen no overt signs of covert activity.

Here’s what goes down at mealtimes:

I slave away over a hot stove to make the yummiest, most delish, most amazing food – with either veggies pureed into it, or an out-an-out veggie side dish – it matters not.

Then I bring these tempting treats to the table, only to see my little girls both turn up their dainty noses at my offerings.

But if I bring everything back to the kitchen, scrape it all onto my husband’s plate, then even before I get to the table, I’m being swarmed by two cute locusts who proceed to devour nearly every morsel, barely giving my husband a chance for a mouthful or two!

This even works for other foods they ordinarily claim to dislike:

“Yummy kiwi!” I’ll announce to groans and howls of disgust.

“Oh no, it’s not for you girls, this is DADDA’S kiwi!”

Swarm, devour, and 2 minutes later there’s my husband looking bewildered and clutching his plate with a few small mangled scraps left in it.

If I could somehow patent the process, I’d retire rich within a week, and be crowned Queen Of The Universe!

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1 thought on “Held On Suspicion Of Bribery

  1. It didn't work for mushrooms, though 🙂
    Still, they say you have to 'submit' a food
    at least 13 times before it'll be eaten, so it's
    'Try, try, again!'
    -Lara N.

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