To Bear, or not to bear…

Vitamins, minerals, omega oils, oh my!

Now that my toddlers are on the cusp of pre-schoolerhood, and its accompanying attraction to starchy foods that all seem to be a uniform color of yellow: fries, nuggets, mac&cheese, etc.. getting nutritional substances into their little selves has become a source of continual frustration.

Just when I think I’ve found the winning combination that will open their little mouths and grant access to their precious digestive systems, they change the lock!

What works one day, often will never work again.  Old standbys now just stand by – collecting dust.

And I refuse to feed them multi-hued, chemicalized, toxic petro-chemical-additive-laden garbage, that many of their peers slurp down by the bucketful.

One of the things we’ve done until now, was add an isotonic vitamin/mineral complex powder to their morning juice.  It was recommended by their former pediatrician who was also a naturopath, as well as an M.D.  He also sold the stuff on his website.  It’s around $25 for a 90 supply for one kid.

Recently, I had a chat with one of the reps for that product.  He said that if I was mixing it with juice (the only way I could get it into my kids), it wasn’t going to be doing them much good at all.

oo that right there are my eyeballs wide with shock!

So now I have to find some other kind of vitamin ingestible my kids will actually ingest.  The ol’ Flinstones vitamins are out!  They taste just like the Tylenol for kids easy melt tabs that my kids refuse to take when they have a fever untreatable by homeopathics.

So that leaves me with: those vitamin gummy bears.

They’ve got them for Vitamin D (another thing hard to get into my kids), Vitamin C, Omega Oils (!) and Vitamin complexes.

And my kids eat them.

On the one hand, I don’t like giving my kids any kind of candy outside of special occasions and holidays.

On the other hand, they need to take their vitamins.

So it is with extreme reluctance that I’ve started giving them Vitamin bears.

So far, they’ve been content with the 2 little bears they get every day, and do not ask for more than that.  They also have not shown an increased interest in other forms of candy, so I think we’re good so far.

Others in my family remain skeptical, but sometimes a mama doesn’t have that many options available to her and has to make the hard decisions.  That’s why they (don’t) pay me the big bucks!

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