Spring has sprung!

Today it was around 65 degrees outside, sunny, and the twins weren’t sick!!!

So out we went to play.  The girls are getting bigger – they can both reach the pedals on their big wheel trikes.

Thankfully the management where I live ripped out a lot of trees, so there’s a good line of sight all around in the circle where the kids ride the trikes, so I don’t have to worry about them getting snatched or them heading for the street or parking lot , because I can see them just fine.

Which is a good thing, as they just don’t seem to get the concept of ‘stranger danger’.  They just walk on up to anyone they see and greet them like a long-lost friend!

I know the current trend is to be down on ‘helicopter’ parents, or ‘tiger’ mothers, but these days, with the whacked-out craziness in the news, the days when a mama could just plunk herself on a bench with a novel, or yak with her friends oblivious to her kids, well, those days are LOOOONG over!

So the girls rode around, dug a little in the dirt, constructed a dirt ‘nest’ for ‘baby bird eggs’ (small rocks), rolled in the grass and chatted with neighbors.

Zanna generously allowed a neighbor boy a ride on her trike, and cautioned him most sternly: “You NOT ride in black street!!” (no riding in parking lot or street).

Halle admired a flower, I think it was a crocus or amarylis, anyway it was purple, and smelled it over and over again, and left it unpicked for others to enjoy.

Then we cleaned up after the dirt nest, held on to each other for safety and crossed the parking lot, and went back home.

Hopefully the weather will hold out for an excursion to Bubbe’s place tomorrow and some playground time!

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