Little Scissorhands

The girls’ pediatrician had recommended that the girls be given scissors nearly a year ago.  Said it would help develop all kinds of whatnot and such.

But all I could see in my mind’s eye was the havoc my little wild orangutan babies could wreak with bladed objects in their hands.

Now I know that they use scissors at nursery school, but there they have extra adults for supervision, and for some reason, the kids behave much better for the nursery school teachers than they do for me.  This is something their teachers have gloated about.  Frequently.  But in a nice way.


After the recent semi-success of the 1-2 punch of the Sleep Fairy and 1-2-3 Magic! systems, our girls are actually approaching civilized for most things.  They still bear watching, as their capacity for being weapons of mass destruction remains intact, but more things are do-able these days.

Hence, the scissors.  So yesterday morning, I brought out the kiddie safety scissors and some colored construction paper, gave them a quick briefing on how to use them, made sure their little butts were safely and stably planted, and stepped back.

They had great fun snipping, trimming, cutting the paper into little, tiny bits.  And after they had finished, they gathered up all the bits and flung them into the air, shouting “It’s SNOWING!!!” and dancing around in the multi-colored ‘snow’.

Thankfully, they also were pretty good about gathering up all those little bitty pieces, much to my husband’s relief, as he had just vacuumed that morning!

What’s interesting, was that Halle, at some point in the cuttery, switched the scissors to her left hand for awhile.  After several minutes of cutting rather well as a leftie, she switched back.  We’re still not too sure whether she’ll be a rightie or a leftie, it could go either way at this point.

Now, it’s only a very short step away from kirigami!

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