Spiffy New Phone

I’ve just gotten a spiffy new cell phone.  Instead of the old $9.99 tracfone, I’ve upgraded to a $19.99 tracfone!  Whee!!

One of the probs with the old one was that it didn’t have a cover, so whenever I sat down, it would be merrily dialing away to Katmandu, in my back pocket.

I don’t know anyone in Katmandu.  So this was not good.

My spiffy new phone has a cover.  Unfortunately, it’s rather stiff in handling, so I can’t jauntily flip it open and closed like Captain Kirk’s communicator on Star Trek.  This is a bit sad for me, but I’ll soldier on.

My policy for answering cell phones, is that I just don’t do it while driving.  If I’m driving, then whomever it is will just have to wait until I’ve stopped the car.

A couple of weeks ago, I was off on an outing all by myself (Whee!!), and my husband called me (I had HIS cellphone at the time) up.  I was in the middle of a humongous dollar store stocking up for the upcoming pagan fertility festival.  You know, the one that worships bunnies and eggs.  Coincidentally, it occurs on the very same day as Jesus’s journey to Heaven.  So in an effort to keep Jesus as the reason for the season, we don’t give Easter baskets, we give the girls a goodie basket from Jesus.

For the Jewish side of things, we’ll also celebrate Passover at this time (Didja know that “The Last Supper” was actually a Passover Seder?)

Jesus was, as we say in the vernacular, a “nice Jewish boy”.

But I digress.

Back to the Dollar Store.

So, there I was in the middle of the Dollar Store, and the cell phone rings.  Apparently Zanna had in some way been wronged, but was crying so hard that my husband couldn’t decipher what she was saying.

I managed to get her calmed down enough to divulge that my husband had fastforwarded through the Dora the Explorer ad on a DVD.

Zanna happens to like this ad, and was mightily perturbed at its removal from the screen.

Unfortunately, however, my dear husband, in an effort to placate what he thought was a negative reaction to that entire DVD in particular, unwittingly made matters worse by inserting a new one.

One that was Halle’s favorite.  The “Creepy Crawlie” bug episode of ‘Animal Atlas’.  And Halle refused to switch back to the previous show.

So there I was, negotiating with a three-year-old.

Zanna agreed that she would sit through the bug show, as long as she could sit at the coffee table and color, and not actually have to watch Halle’s show.  THEN, it would be her turn to pick a show, and Dada was under strict orders to not touch the remote during the Dora ad.

With that crisis averted, I completed my shopping, got in the car and proceeded to pull out of the store parking lot.

Then the phone rang again, so I pulled back into the lot and answered the call.  It was my husband wanting to know when I was coming home.


I told him that if he could refrain from calling me, I’d be home in 30 minutes, but not if I had to keep stopping the car.

Talking on the cell phone while driving is exceedingly dangerous, never mind texting!  Studies estimate that the effect of driving and phoning is about as risky as driving drunk!

Even just checking to see who is on the phone, while you’re in motion, could have lethal consequences.

It won’t be the end of the world to let a call go to voicemail.

Just please, everyone, stop driving before you pick up that phone.  And as for hands-free calling – part of your attention is still on something other than driving!  If you’ve got little ones in the car, you’re risking their lives, too.  Totally not worth the risk!

Be safe everyone!  Be happy and healthy, too!

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