I Worry…

I worry that sooner or later, some well-intentioned teacher at the girls’ school is going to come to the conclusion that our home is positively infested with insects.

It’s not.

However, my girls can correctly identify earwigs, tomato worms, cockroaches, black widow spiders, and an assortment of various other creepy-crawlies, with an alacrity that would make an entomologist green with envy!

We really, truly, are not infested here.  Honest!

But ever since the girls were tiny, they’ve been fascinated by all forms of life.  Usually they are fixated on farm animals and sea creatures, but for some reason, Halle relishes insectoid forms of life.

When she was two years old, she would not go to sleep unless she was clutching some of the more nightmare-inducing insect flashcards from her collection, in her little fist.

After that, she again refused to sleep without tightly clinging to some of the more creepy-looking specimens from her small plastic insect collection (some of them even glowed in the dark).

Everywhere we went, Halle had her fist full of bugs (toys or cards – not real ones).  Personally, I don’t see the attraction, but I’d rather she admire bugs than pesticides – especially for use on farm crops!

So I’m putting this all down in writing, right now, so that if the topic ever does come up in a parent/teacher conference, or a surprise inspection by the Dept. of Health, I’ll have some precedents established.

God help us if the twins ever catch lice!

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