Time Machine

One of the more frequent questions I get asked by other mamas is:  “If you had to do it all over again, what would you have done differently?”  in regards to my parenting choices since my twins were born.

I had a twin pregnancy that lasted 39 weeks after conceiving thru In Vitro (3rd and final attempt).  Sometime in the second trimester, everytime I stood up for any length of time, I started feeling little contractions, so I tried to not stand up too much.  This meant that I had LOTS of time on my hands with which to overworry myself.

For me, this meant RESEARCH – and lots of it!  Thanks to the modern miracle of technology, we can now oversaturate ourselves with info thru the internet – almost like being hooked up to an information IV line.

One of the things I had no idea was so difficult was cloth diapers.  From my research I knew they were the best for my babies, but when you’re actually confronted with a wildly flailing baby, you’ve got to get the cover off, remove the snappis, get the cloth diaper off, wipe down and then do everything in reverse, and even if you’ve pre-folded, with the baby wiggling so much, you end up re-folding again anyway,  well it sure makes the disposable option of rip it off, wipedown, slap on another one, seem mighty attractive.

Then there was the disposal – we only had pickups once a week, so we stashed the diaper bucket (and no odor-eater is THAT good!) in our second bathroom, where it started hatching creepy critters galore.  We were only given a VERY permeable cloth sack to store them in, so we were mucho grateful when the diaper service started using large plastic bins!

My husband had worried that someone might steal the (dirty) diapers from our doorstep while they waited for pickup.  I reassured him that unless the thieves were absolute fools who were olfactorilly challenged and mistook DIApers for DIAmonds, then he had nothing to worry about!

This went on for nearly a year.  By that time, we were desperately exhausted and clawing madly for ways to make things easier on ourselves.  So we decided to scrap the cloth diapers and use Seventh Generation diapers and wipes, instead.

The absolute disdain and contempt heaped upon us by the diaper service people was almost palpable, but they didn’t have twinfants, we did!  So we sucked it up, held our heads high and handed over the last batch of dirties with a smile and a thank-you.

After that, the Seventh Gen diapers were SOOOOO easy!

So, long story short – if I had to do it over again, I’d use Seventh Generation diapers and wipes from the get-go.  You can get them from Amazon.com with their Moms Club at 15% off, combined with the subscribe and save plan (which is free and you can cancel at any time, and get free shipping too) for another 15% off, for a total savings of 30% off!

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