Super Halle to the Rescue!

Yesterday I attended a kiddie event at the twins’ nursery school, and afterwards the children were allowed to run and frolic.  Unfortunately, the running led to a little collision between Zanna and Matthew, one of her classmates, and Zanna got knocked over.  Matthew, who’s a very sweet and sensitive boy felt awful about it and looked like he was going to burst into tears, so I was trying to comfort both of the children.

Then Halle, seeing that her sister had gotten knocked over by a larger child, stalked over, gave the boy her best Glare of Toddler Fury and shrieked at him,

“Stop hurting Zanna!!” then she put her little fists on her hips and gave a final “Hmpf!!”

I tried to explain to Halle, that while her desire to defend her sister was teriffic, it was actually an accident, and Matthew hadn’t done it on purpose and felt pretty bad about it.  Thankfully she seemed to understand this and with a final glare, she went back to playing.

All this actually made me really incredibly happy.  Halle loved her sister and wanted to protect her!  She wanted to fend off possible bullies!  She was a superhero in the making!  Happy Mama time!

I had begun to think that Halle’s goal in life was to tease and torment her twin.  She’s pretty creative at pushing all our buttons 🙂  which is pretty normal for kids her age.  So I was pretty amazed to see her, at the age of 3, developing a sense of what is just or injust, and having the desire and confidence to do something to change the situation.

My little activist!

Tyrants of the world, beware!  You’re about to meet your match!

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