Cute bit

As we were driving in the car to Bubbe’s house to take her out for Easter dinner, Zanna announced that she had a nose yucky to give me.

As you might imagine, the prospect of handling a sticky ball of snot excavated from my daughter’s nose didn’t exactly fill me with joy.

“Thank you God for this wonderful treasure,” I intoned somewhat sarcastically as I received the little ball of nostril-y goodness.

“I’m not God!  I’m ZANNA!!!”  was the indignant reply from the backseat peanut gallery.

“Thank you, Zanna!”

“You’re very welcome.”

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6 thoughts on “Cute bit

  1. Thanks for following…already follow you…love the cupids…and yeah we shouldn't say "Never" or "Always", to our partners…man how they hate that…lol

  2. Cute story!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following… I am also your newest follower 🙂

    Jen- The Mommy Restaurant Review

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