Schooled by my kids

Today was supposed to be the first day back at school after the harrowing week of Spring Break.

So I breakfasted, clothed and car-ed my twins and off we went to school.

Imagine my suprise and dismay at finding the parking lot EMPTY!

Seems there was an extra Jewish Holy Day (and I’m too exhausted to look it up and have no problem admitting my shameful ignorance) and school was closed.

And I’ve got a minivan full of eager, anxious and excited twin toddlers in the back wanting to be let out to frolic.

So I drove us to IKEA where the very kind staff let them romp for over an hour in the ballpit while I caught a nap on one of the IKEA couches.

Then after I got them home, it was business as usuall.


At one point there was a frantic search for a dearly beloved Little People (by Fisher Price) person that resulted in our apartment looking like it’d been ravaged by angry peasants with pitchforks.

At last the joyful cry was heard: “MAMMA!! Zanna found my Maggie!”

Whereupon Maggie, the toy in question was waved happily in my face.

“I’m so glad you’ve been found, Maggie!” I greeted the lump of plastic threatening to take out my eye.

“Mamma!  Maggie is a toy, she cannot talk!” Halle patiently explained to me, with just the right amount of condescension to be used when explaining something very simple to someone who ought to know better.

Thankfully Halle then rejoined her sister in the living room, saving me from embarassing myself further in front of a 3 yr old.

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