Birthday Trepidation

I have twins.  They will be 4yrs old in July.

They have already started inviting everyone they know to ‘their birthday party’.

This was surprising to me, as I had no idea we would be having a birthday party for them at all this year!  I was thinking more along the lines of a bunch of goody bags sent to school for the children to share on the last day, as some of the other mothers have done.

I think I may still do that, as I really don’t think I’m up to preparing for and hosting a birthday party for 4yr olds.

On the other hand, this is probably the first birthday that the girls will remember, and they’ll be switching to another school in the fall.  It might be nice to cement those friendships they’ve made with other children.

So after conferring with a few of the other moms in the class, it seems that having the party picnic-style in a local park would be acceptable (and free).

I’ll have to come up with a few activities and a craft for the kids to do, then on to a small lunch (I’m thinking organic mini-hotdogs with hydrogenated oil-free minibuns, and a wad of organic mac & cheese w/pureed squash mixed in.) and cake.

I still haven’t decided if I want to go to the trouble of making a homemade one or splurge on one from WholeFoods.  If I make one myself, I can lower the sugar and sneak in some more pureed veggies!  But that’s an investment of effort, energy and time, vs. an investment of cash.

Yes, I’m trying to keep the party low budget in some areas, because I want to splurge in other areas.  Instead of the obligatory pizza served at EVERY party my girls have gone to this year, I’d like to vary the menu a bit – make it healthier but still have kid-friendly items – even tho it’ll be a bit pricier than a slice of ‘za.

I’ll have to buy decorations since ‘paper products’ won’t be supplied by a party venue, and craft materials.  We’ll probably have to buy one of those balloon filler machines for floaty balloons, tho I hope we can do without that.

And while I was thinking of making a pinata filled with small toys, I’m not sure if that would work out, letting a 4yr old have a blunt instrument while blindfolded – maybe I’ll have everyone at the party sign liability waivers first.

Swagbags are going to be one of the splurge items.  While some party hosts have had nice ones – little buckets of playdough with alphabet molds was pretty nice! – others just had candy (which my kids can’t eat – don’t worry, they’re not deprived!  They get treats from time to time that don’t have artificial colors or flavors – chocolate is their favorite!) and a few 10cent novelty toys.

One lucky break for the swagbags is that I won a giveaway on another blog for a set of 8 girltype items that are REALLY nice and perfect for the swagbags!  That just leaves boytype items I need to get – unless I can win another giveaway!

Wish me luck!

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3 thoughts on “Birthday Trepidation

  1. Aww I am also struggling with my 3 year old's upcoming birthday party, I also feel the pressure of the chance that he will "remember" this one. Good luck!

  2. Wow, it's sooooo nice to hear someone else's saga over the entire twin birthday ordeal! It's nice to know that I am not the only one out here that has struggled with choices over cakes and such. I love your blog and will be following you from now on, and hope you get a chance to take a peek at the new one that I recently started too. Be well, and be strong as all twin mothers must be! Have a wonderful mother's day!

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