The Pink Fairy strikes again! – ENDED

Yep, I just couldn’t leave it alone!

Lately, I’ve felt an intense craving for pink girly things.

I think this may possibly be the backlash of my vow to ensure that with raising two girls, my home would not resemble something the Pink Fairy puked all over.

In retaliation…….oh, c’mon on!  Did you really think I’d write “In retaliation, the Pink Fairy puked all over this page.”????

I think it’s kinda nifty looking!  Of course there are a few bits and bobs here and there that I have to iron out with my new (paid for!) theme, but those should be ironed out within a few days, and the main parts are intact 🙂

So go on and explore – remember, we have one giveaway ending 5/7, a couple giveaways ending 5/14, and our SUPER BLING Giveaway ending 6/1

And if you’d like to email me with comments on this new look, my email is:

May Your Life Be Doubly Blessed!!


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