Shark Infested Apartment

Recently, Halle has been taking great delight in teasing Zanna.  It doesn’t help that Zanna is a bit control-oriented (a nice way of saying ‘bossy-pants’) with definite ideas of how play should be conducted.

And Halle definitely colors outside the box!

If Halle decides that it’s perfectly fine to hop up and down on one foot, and Zanna decides that such a thing offends all sensibilities, then Zanna will shriek at Halle, she’ll cry, she’ll carry on as if Halle was defacing a favorite toy!

And Halle, seeing that Zanna is being driven nuts by her behavior, will get this huge grin on her face and blithely continue on.

Sometimes it’ll be Halle chasing Zanna round the apartment, when Zanna doesn’t want to be chased, or poking Zanna when she doesn’t want to be poked (Yes, we have finally arrived at: “Mommy!  She’s TOUCHING me!!!”  Hooray.  Joy.)

But last week, Halle decided that our apartment was infested with invisible baby sharks.  Just as we were about to leave for school, she thought it would be nice to take a baby shark to school with her.

So she scooped up one of the critters, and cradled it carefully in her hands.  Zanna, however, was mightily offended by the thought of baby sharks being taken out of the apartment, and grabbed the shark out of Halle’s hands and dumped it back inside our apartment.

Whereupon Halle simply scooped up another baby shark, and grinned away as she wrestled with Zanna for possession of the shark.

There they were, my two little girls, fighting over a shark.  An invisible, non-existant shark – and they were going at it hammer & tongs.


By the time Zanna was descending into hysterics over the (invisible, non-existant) shark, I decided that enough was enough and confiscated it.

That was the end of THAT.

I’ve tried explaining to both of the girls that different people play differently, it doesn’t mean they’re wrong, it’s just different, but it doesn’t seem to be making a dent.

And now I have them fighting over invisible friends.


**No sharks, real or imagined, were harmed during the writing of this blog.

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