Taming the Mess Monster

Does your living room floor (and every floor in your home) look like the aftermath of a toystore destroyed by a tropical storm?

Do you find yourself playing ‘hopscotch’ as you hop from  a clear one-inch square space to another one-inch square space?

Are you constantly getting owies from stepping on discarded toys?

Then, this post is for you! 🙂

Yes, we’ve tried toyboxes, bins, shoeboxes, allowances, gold stars, bribes – you name it, we’ve tried it!  And you probably have, too!

Here’s a simple solution that’s worked for us so far:

Zippy bags!

The Jumbo size Zip-lock bags – 2.5 gallon ones, are great for gathering up toys of a certain category and keeping things neat.  We have one for Little People+accessories, one for matchbox cars, one for playfood, one for playcooking, and one for lacing beads/boards, and one for small plastic animals.

If you have little kids and don’t want plastic bags around them, then just put them in a bin out of reach.  It’s easier to just have them play with one or two categories of toys, then if they want something new, they have to put away the first toys.

Once in the bag, they go back on their shelf or bin or whatever.  Less mess, easier and quicker cleanup times, and cuts down on losing the favorite toy that they just HAVE to have before they’ll go to school!

We store all the toy bags in their toybox.  When they rummage for a toy, they don’t end up dumping out the entire bin and scattering toys around for mommy to (step on) clean up.

And after watching me and daddy sort and bag toys, the twins are having fun themselves,  sorting and putting away their toys in the bags – of course if they want to play with another toy, they’ve got no choice 🙂

And my feet are much less owie these days, since I’m not stepping on small plastic farm animals – beware the goat, he’s a mean one to tread on!


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