We’ve got neighbors!

A week or so ago, we finally had someone move into the apartment above us.  We’d been neighbor-free for a few months, since the last bunch of kid-hating trolls moved out (they objected to not being able to blast their massively huge speaker – set on bare floor above us – to decibels high enough to register on the Richter Scale)

And now we’ve gotten a very nice family – a mom, a dad, and a 2.5 yr old boy!  The girls really like playing with their new young neighbor, and it seems to be a relief for both families to have a neighbor who totally ‘gets it’ when you just can’t put a young child on a rigid schedule or have them tiptoe considerately around during playtime 🙂

I’m pretty sure they’ve heard our noise, and we’ve heard theirs – but so far everyone seems to be pretty tolerant – what else can you do, while waiting for your kids to grow up?

And now that our girls are almost 4 yrs old, and sleeping on what could roughly be called a stable schedule, we have the utmost sympathy when we hear the exhausted parents upstairs trying to get their boy down for the night.

At that age, the nap schedule gets a bit wonky – heck, even sometimes Halle will drop off suddenly around 4pm and we can’t rouse her for anything – and can’t get her to bed on time, either!  And she’s pretty loud about not wanting to sleep on time, too.

I wish there was something I could do or say to help the people upstairs, but it all boils down to – “Endure, survive, and someday this will be an amusing anecdote with which to embarrass your child in front of their fiancee.”

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8 thoughts on “We’ve got neighbors!

  1. Non-crazy neighbours are a blessing that you only truly appreciate once you've suffered through some bad experiences. Hopefully this will work out well for both your families!

  2. If their boy is 2 years old, I guess there's nothing really to do to help them! terrible two!!!! At least, you are comprehensive with them!

    I'll be moving in July, in an appartment where the owner usually don't allow kids to make sure it's quiet. He made an exception for me (well because i'm his daugther….) but he's worry about noise… I so hope I won't get any problem with them because I'm gonna have a crying newborn!

    1. n0elle, I recommend the bottom floor, if it's a safe area. Once your baby becomes mobile and active, being on the upper floor (while better for a newborn in terms of less noise from neighbors interrupting naptime) with a small child can be difficult for downstairs neighbors. At one time we had foam matting (the alphabet kind from One Step Ahead) and then carpeting on top of that, and it still wasn't enough, but then again, we lived in a very old structure that carried noise extremely well, and had psychotic neighbors to boot.

      Best is if your neighbor has small kids of their own, as there's a better chance of them being tolerant of your own kids. Or even better – if the neighbor is deaf or hard of hearing.

      If you end up with a less than ideal situation, the only advice I can offer is to butter up the neighbors real good. That, and perfect a quivering lip and letting your eyes pool up on command and working on your "OMG I have SO much sympathy and understanding and my heart goes out to you and I'm sooooo sorry" tone of voice when you speak to them.

      . The object being to make them feel too awful about making any complaints because you're so nice and they feel sorry for you.

      That actually worked for us in one of our previous apartments – there was absolutely NO soundproofing between the floors, and you could even hear a bottlecap dropping from upstairs – but luckly our downstairs neighbor was receptive to the above performance. He was a really nice guy and could understand there wasn't much we could do in the situation with newborn twins.

  3. I'm glad you have neighbors that you can tolerate…we don't live in an apartmentment, so noisy neighbors aren't really an issue. Instead we always end up with renters moving in behind us that like to peek over the fence, at five in the morning! Why? I don't get it, really. What's so facinating on my side of the fence so early in the morning?

  4. So glad you got a family that lives upstairs! It's awesome cause you can both understand where the other one is at. It's like when we are on vacation… and I don't know whom is next door.. and Landon is up in the middle of the night screaming his head off. I just hope they understand and feel so bad for them LOL

  5. Lara is s lady of dignity because she's raising her twins with a good discipline(Divine Principle), when children are properly raised, they become good citizen and the country will be proud.

    1. Thank you all for your excellent comments! They are all greatly appreciated.

      Innocent, while I do read Divine Principle and it has been a tremendous source of guidance for my life, for disciplining the children I actually use a book called "1-2-3 Magic!" by Dr. Thomas Phelan. I feel it fits in rather nicely with Attachment Parenting (We use "The Baby Book" by Dr. William Sears as our main source material for that.). We also use LOTS and lots of prayer! We even ask other churches and synagogues that we are friendly with and ask them to add extra prayer-power at times.

      Our main ideal in regards to child-raising is to find the Heavenly way to do it. For us, this means trying to achieve Unconditional Love for our children, but also not spoiling them. We do want to empower them to "become good citizens" and be able to add to the light in the world, and to the people around them.

      This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life! I had no idea how hard being a parent was until I had kids of my own! Major kudos to everyone out there who is a parent – May we all achieve becoming True Parents!
      God Bless!

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