The most fun I’ve ever had from Ebay!

As a mother of twin li’l ones, it’s not often that I get the time or energy to shop for myself.  In fact, other than a desperate one-hour mad dash thru a mall a month ago, while the girls were in nursery school, to get a dress for a family reunion, I haven’t really gotten to do any clothes shopping for a few years.

I just don’t have the time to be trying on umpteen pairs of jeans to see what size I am now (somewhere in the double digits tho 🙁  )  and just to make things extra difficult, manufacturers tend to size differently.  Another shocking fact I found out was that even if different styles are made by the same manufacturer – they can also be sized differently!  That means a size 10 (yeah, I wish!) in one style won’t actually be the same size as another style!


I thought, clever me, that I would just try to buy another pair of jeans I already had that fit me.  Trouble was, they weren’t being manufactured anymore!

So I decided to ebay it.  (Didn’t you know that ebay and facebook and twitter are now verbs?  Tho “tweet” is actually the verb for twitter.)

Lucky me, I found a seller called Tinkrbelssecret that not only posted the size of the jeans, but provided real actual measurements, too!  The jeans were in great condition, shipping was cheap, so I bought them.  They’d even been properly sanitized using commercial-grade equipment without toxic chemicals!

Then came the best part – when the jeans showed up: They were wrapped like a present and I’m not going to say anymore so that I won’t spoil the fun, but suffice it to say that it was the most fun I’d ever had with clothes shopping and ebay!

Here’s the link: her site also has a great guide on how to measure yourself for size, and I’m totally comfortable recommending this seller to my readers!**

**This post was not in any way compensated.  It is my own honest opinion of my experience.  No products or other considerations were received in exchange.

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2 thoughts on “The most fun I’ve ever had from Ebay!

  1. That is a fantastic concept! It's so hard to find a pair of jeans that fit right. (oh and Photoshop should be a verb now too, haha.)

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