As you can guess from looking around my blog, ladybugs are pretty popular here!

And today, I went out and bought us a small pint container full of ’em for our very own.

Due to my magic touch with plants (insert dizzying amounts of sarcasm here) we ended up with a pretty large infestation of aphids doing a dracula number on our seedlings before I managed to get them safely away from me and planted in our community garden plot.

Simply removing the plants from my vicinity wasn’t enough though, and they just kept getting seedier-looking by the day!

So off to the garden center we went and $7 poorer, we were the proud owner of the aforementioned tub of ladybugs.

The girls were actually pretty good about taking turns holding the tub ‘o bugs on the way home, although I bet a good majority of the critters were more than glad to finally be on terra firma once again, after we set them loose in our garden plot.  Luckily the container stayed closed throughout the girls’ exuberant transport.

And all Halle and Zanna could talk about were the ladybugs!  Here comes an elderly neighbor – whack!  My girls couldn’t imagine that anything could be finer than to introduce that neighbor to their new pets – up REAL close & personal – they thrust that container right in the face of those neighbors!

Despite some quick backpedaling as the neighbors tried to evade the tub ‘o bugs that was practically shoved right up their nostrils, everyone took it pretty well.  They all listened politely as the girls babbled about the bugs and pointed out the special features they came equipped with:  “they have SPOTS!” and the bugs’ especially affectionate natures:  “Look! The ladybugs are holding HANDS!”

And when we turned the bugs loose, the girls were glee-filled as they let the ladybugs crawl over their hands, examined some under the magnifying glass and bid them good tidings as they embarked on their new lives as Defenders of the Garden!

One of the things I like best about living near un-pesticided nature, is that the girls can experience all of the special things that make childhood grand: wriggly muddy worms, ladybugs, dandelions, literally rolling in clover, terrorizing squirrels and following ant trails.

Still haven’t worked up my courage to actually let them make mudpies, but I think we’ll get there sooner, rather than later.

Have a great summer!!


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