Rot-Proof Veggies (sorta)

How many of you out there have either bought, or are considering buying,  those “green bags” or green tupperware containers that purport to keep your produce nice and fresh for an unbelievably long time?

In this time of economic struggle, the growing number of natural disasters/crop failures, and the number of hungry mouths increasing in many populations make waste of food a serious thing.

And while “The kids in (insert country here) would be happy to get your kid’s veggies,”  just like your own mother told you back in the day, it’s not always a viable option to pack up what’s on your kids’ dinner plate and send it via Fedex.

So in an effort to extend the life of our produce, those green baggies and containers seem rather nifty and frugal to own.

Guess what?  My clever husband (he’s an Engineer, as he keeps reminding me smugly) has found a way to keep your veggies,  etc. fresh, without shelling out cash for storage options.

**Due to spousal insistence, I am required to inform everyone that this is really his very own idea, and he considers it copyrighted by him, personally, so if you had glamorous ideas of making billions of dollars from this, you’re out of luck.**

Here’s his surprisingly effective solution to the problem of prematurely rotting produce:

Paper Towels

Yep, it’s that cheap and easy!  Just take a section or two of dry paper towels and stick ’em in the baggie or container the produce came in, or put it all in a zip-lock bag if your produce is au naturale, and the paper towel will absorb excess moisture and keep your produce rot-free for a pretty long time!

This comes in especially handy if, in your state of deep parental exhaustion, you’ve allowed yourself to be swayed by your children practically begging you to buy celery in bulk – because they saw the Wonder Pets chowing down on the stuff on tv.

Overcome by delusions of moptomism (mommy-optimism) you actually thought the kiddies would follow-through and eat it all.

Silly mommy!

After just one wee nip of the stalked veggie, your children declared their undying abhorrance of all things celery!  And no amount of peanutbutter, creamcheese, or other taste-disguising condiment is going to get them to ingest the nearly 2 pounds you bought.

Of course you could always eat it yourself, but that’s going to take some time.

So tuck in a paper towel or two while your Jumbo size bag of veg waits patiently for you to gnaw your way thru it.


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4 thoughts on “Rot-Proof Veggies (sorta)

  1. I used to shell out 10 bucks for the green bags and assisted their effectiveness with the paper towels (which by the way has been a known trick for years. Sorry hubby, the copyright on that idea has long been established by someone else. Nothing new under the sun, etc.). Now I just use the plastic storage bags with the paper towels and it seems they are just as effective as the green bags. One thing to do with those huge bags of vegetables if it looks as though they're going to remain uneaten is to make vegetable broth and use that stock for saute-ing or juice them if you've got a juicer or chop them up or shred them to add to tuna salad or egg salad.

  2. Raising kids is The Greatest Story Ever Told and requires a good sense of humor to get through it. You've got a good one!

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