Urgent Help Request!

Well everyone, we’re down to the final two days of the Top 25 “Parents with Multiples” blogs competition (Multiples = twins, triplets, etc…)!

It’s been a whirlwind of activity as a last-minute campaign drive pushed us from #21 with 288 votes to an amazing #6 with 1388 votes!!!

Thank you to all who’ve been passing on the request, and who’ve been making a vote every day!

There’s just two days left, and I think it’s possible to get us that #5 spot!  What’cha think?

So if you could please continue voting every day, and passing on the request to your friends and family, it would be greatly appreciated!

(By the way, since there are so many twins being born these days, there are actually other blogs out there with “Twice” in their name, even one using “Twice Blessed”.  Please don’t be confused by this.  They are very different than our blog: “Twice Blessed Life – Raising Twins Heartistically” I’m sure they are all nice people and have lovely children and I wish them all the best.  There’s plenty of room in the world for more blogs about twins 🙂 )

Here’s the link to vote:

Please click the link below to vote for me!  That will take you to my blog’s vote station, then just click on the hand symbol !  I’d be so grateful, thank you!

And you can even vote every day, (once per 24hrs) – the voting ends on May 30, 2011 at 8pm EST.

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4 thoughts on “Urgent Help Request!

  1. I’ll scrounge at least 20 votes for you over the next two days! Would you be willing to help me out with the circle of moms fitness blog contest that ends on June 1? Pleeeeeeease!

  2. Passing your link around to my peeps! There should be a little jump by now 🙂

    I beg you … BEG you… to come visit me and cast a vote my way… I'm in a similar spot… went from 32nd all the way to 7th and would LOVE to hit the Top 5 in the fitness category! Sheesh… I sound like the sleazy hounder that I am 😛

    1. WOW!!! I just looked over your blog! Stepmom to 6, Mom to 4! OMG! You must REALLY be fit to be able to keep up with all those kids! I certainly did vote for you and will continue to do so until the deadline. Thank you for asking. If you want to like me on Facebook I don't mind if you post your vote request on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Twice-Blessed-Life-

      Good Luck!

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