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Recently, I won a giveaway at a twitter party.  I was told I had won a “Potty Tots Training Kit for Girls”. At first, I thought that would be rather useless, as we were already (sorta) advanced (wishful thinking) in the potty business.  But I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try – maybe we could learn a few new tricks.  (I just hoped it was better than the “Once Upon A Potty” series that shows the little girl putting the potty ON HER HEAD!  Trust me, my girls do not need encouragement to do annoying things like that!)

So about a week later, I got the Potty Tots training kit in the mail.  They have an online component that the kids can meet the Tots online and learn about them, and I checked it out – it did look interesting – but I don’t usually let my kids use the computer at home.

There was a Potty Tots storybook, a DVD, a Potty Chart, and a Potty Game.

The girls demanded to see the DVD right away.  We popped it in and they were riveted!  They wiggled and danced around during the two extra bonus Potty Tots Music Videos.

Next, they demanded I read them the storybook – they loved it!  They insisted that I tell them each Potty Tot’s name, which they repeated until they could name them all!  Zanna seems to like Leilani most, and Halle seems to like Shamika most.

Then the girls demanded to go potty.

We trooped in to our bathroom, where I had already set up the Potty Chart and Potty Game. I was floored when my girls started pointing and following along with the steps on the Potty Chart!  I didn’t even have to chase them around the bathroom first or pull them away from the sink or tub!

They got their pants down, sat down and did their business without long drawn-out dawdling, then they carefully counted out the appropriate amount of toilet paper – “!!!!!” (I was shocked at this point, because usually I have to wrestle them for control of the toilet paper before they waste half the roll!) then they wiped, hopped off, got clothes back in place, flushed (and didn’t try to swish their hands in the toilet!!!) and then went over to the sink to wash hands – with soap! – and they DIDN’T EVEN SPLASH!!!

Then, triumphantly, they went over to the Potty Game and advanced their marker to the next position.  Then they simply exited the bathroom and went on playing!

Instead of 20 minutes of toilet torture for me, everything was over and done with in less than 5 minutes!


They’ve even been managing this consistantly for a week now, so I’m actually thinking of setting out a portable potty in the hallway for Halle to use by herself at night!  I think that thanks to the Potty Tots, she might be ready for this next big step! (And my husband and I might actually get some sleep at night!)

You can buy the Boy or Girl version of the Potty Tots Training Kit at the Potty Tots website for $19.95 USD.*

And here’s a discount code good until 6/30/11 that I caught off of Potty Tots’ Twitter:

“RT Get 25% off Potty Tots Potty Training kit! Use code PottyTotsMNO25 Hurry offer expires 6/30/11 #pottytraining”

* I received no compensation for this review, and it is my own honest opinion.  The product I received was a prize at a party and was not in exchange for this review.


Potty Tots just got in touch with me and were very impressed with my review of the Potty Tots Training Kit – and they generously offered to do a giveaway for Twice Blessed Life readers!

The winner will have their choice of 1 Boy or Girl Potty Tots Training Kit!!

(Retail Value: $19.95)

The giveaway will run from 6/1 – 6/21 10pm EST.  USA Residents Only* (*Alaska & Hawaii residents excluded).  Prize will be shipped directly to the winner for free.  Winner will be chosen via, notified and have 48 hours to confirm and respond to notification email.  If winner does not respond within 48 hrs of notification email being sent, runner up will be chosen.

How to enter:

Leave a comment below with each entry. If something says “2 entries” then leave 2 separate comments for that action.

ex: posting the giveaway on twitter – 2 entries….

Here is what your comments should look like:
1) posted giveaway on twitter………  entry 1
2) posted giveaway on twitter………  entry 2


  • Mandatory Entry: Visit Potty Tots and leave a comment below with your (or your child’s) favorite Potty Tot and your email (You can find a picture with all the Tots in the “Meet the Tots” section.) — (1 entry)

Additional Entries (won’t count unless Mandatory Entry above is completed.)

  • 2 entries-Click to “Like” Potty Tots Facebook page, and let them know Twice Blessed Life sent you, and leave a comment below that you did so.

  • 2 entries-Tweet about this giveaway on twitter, and comment below with the status link for the tweet.   (Can tweet once per day. )

You can use this for the tweet:

Via @twiceblessdlife – #Win #PottyTraining #Giveaway – Potty Tots Training Kit for Boy or Girl Ends 6/21

  • 2 entries-Post about this giveaway on Facebook, with a comment below including the post link.  (Can be done once per day.)

You can use this for your Facebook post:

Giveaway at “Twice Blessed Life – Raising Twins Heartistically!” – Potty Tots Training Kit for Boy or Girl – Ends 6/21 –

There!  That should be enough ways to enter to give everyone a fighting chance!  Good Luck!  And may your nights be dry ones! :)


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  1. After much pointing, shaking of her head and being a little girl, changing her mind a dozen times I think her favorite is "Ally"

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