A Break in the Clouds…

Lately, the CIA-torture level of sleep-deprivation we’ve been suffering, courtesy of my older twin, Halle, has really been getting to us.

Every night, when her full bladder wakes her up to go potty, she had decided that EVERYONE – in the entire apartment building – must wake up as well!

Then, wailing all the while, we lead her to the potty, she does her business, and goes wailing back to bed – where she insists that she be entertained before resuming sleep.

Mama and Dada, however, are barely functioning at 3am, and are loathe to put on a performace worthy of Barnum, Bailey & Ringling Bros. at their finest.

We tried talking to her, we tried begging her, she was unmoved by our tears, and she WOULD NOT BE QUIET.

Then we started using the Potty Tots Training Kit and noticed a quick and definite change in how she went to potty in the daytime – instead of a wild orangutan baby on a rampage, she began to resemble a small child using the potty!

Emboldened by this, my husband and I got a travel potty set up in the hallway and explained to the girls that this was for use when Mama and Dada were busy or sleeping.  (Still not wanting to tempt fate by giving the twins unsupervised access to the bathroom.)

The girls seemed ok with this, and after an unfortunate setback involving the tissue box we had set there for their use, things seemed to be working well.  They used the hallway potty without problems.

So we kept explaining to them that at night, when Mama and Dada are asleep, they must be good QUIET little girls and use the potty all by themselves and then GO BACK TO SLEEP.

Nice in theory.

Our upstairs neighbor, who has a small child of her own, even casually commented that they could hear Halle’s shrieks at 3am, then chuckled nervously that she understood there wasn’t much anyone could do until the kids grew up.

We amped up our campaign to get a Quiet Halle at night.  I told her amusing stories about children who made Too Much Noise, and the Fate That Befell Them, but it didn’t make much of a dent.

Finally, as a last resort, I took to begging God desperately, during the twins’ bedtime prayers, to have the girls be quiet at night and use the potty like big girls.

Prayer works.

We have officially received Divine Intervention here!

Last night, Halle was so quiet!!

She woke up quietly, used the potty quietly while reciting the steps from the Potty Tots wall chart, quietly woke up my husband to ask for replacement panties, and when he collapsed in an exhausted heap on the carpet afterwards, quietly insisted that he get “back in bed with Mama!”

We praised her mightily!

In fact, she was so tickled and proud of her self, that she insisted upon kissing Mama and Dada goodnight and hugging us and practically tucking us into our bed!

Then she proceeded to prance around the hall anouncing loudly what a good girl, what a BIG girl she was, to go potty all by herself without being loud!

By that time, we were all awake (6:45am) so she insisted that breakfast be served, as she couldn’t “sleep with an empty tummy.”

Still, it was LOADS quieter than her usual ‘breaking the sound barrier’ levels!

So we’re pretty happy here, and things bode well for our future sleep!

Huzzah!  Huzzah!  HUZZAH!!



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