Round Three…or Four..I’m not sure anymore!

Yep, it’s another post about our ongoing trials and travails in getting our twins disciplined.

The girls will be 4 years old in a month, and unfortunately getting to be a bit spoiled.  I’m sure that the 1-2-3 Magic! system by Dr. Thomal Phelan is the right one for us – it seems to not be antithetical to Attachment Parenting, or our own church’s teachings, and it doesn’t resort to physical punishment – a big plus, as far as we’re concerned!

Round One had promising results after just one week, but then my husband and I got cocky and slacked off a bit and then we all slid into chaos.

Round Two was harder, as the girls really pushed the envelope, testing our limits, and we kind of were driven crazy by them and sorta slacked off.

Round Three was even harder, as the girls – flush from their previous victory over Mommy & Daddy, went all out in testing us.  They resorted to sneaky tactics that I never imagined a 3 year old was capable of!  Halle would dawdle at dinnertime, constantly getting up from the table to play…until bedtime!  And then when we had had enough – she cheerily announced that she was about to commence eating her BROCCOLI!!!

How could my husband possibly enforce bedtime in the face of cruciferous veggies being eaten?

And the other day, I caught Halle practicing her ‘sad’ face in the mirror, and her ‘crying face’ and others she likes to use to weasel out of being disciplined and laughing in between each pose!

So last night, after the girls were FINALLY asleep, my husband and I had a Council Of War.

We decided that this time, we would have a Zero Tolerance Policy in regards to enforcing the rules.

We even made a big poster for our living room that says so!  We’ve got the rules listed – 5 “Start” behaviors, and 5 “Stop” behaviors that we want to focus on.

A “Start” behavior is one we would like the twins to start doing, such as picking up all their toys before bedtime.

And a “Stop” behavior is one we want the twins to stop doing, such as asking the same question a million times in hopes that if they ask it until Mommy & Daddy’s brains go numb, they might get lucky and we’ll give a different answer.

My husband was very optimistic about all this, as though by simply having large posters in our living room would magically get the rules enforced all by themselves!

But two days later, we actually have noticed a bit of improvement.  Somehow the twins can sense a change in the air or somehow smell our strengthened parental resolve.  While they still break the rules quite a bit, it’s to a much lesser degree than previously.  We also are able to spend more positive time as a family, as a result.

So we’re going to stick with it, and hopefully it’ll all work out this time.  I’m getting pretty darn tired of dealing with wild orangutan babies instead of little girls!

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4 thoughts on “Round Three…or Four..I’m not sure anymore!

  1. Stick to your guns, mama:) Every time you slack takes about 20 times more reinforcing what you want…back down twice and it increases exponentially. Show those little cuties you mean business even when it's hardest. It will make your future with them so much easier….honest:)

  2. Never let the littles get the up on you! I know how hard it is to have the energy to keep after them, but one slack takes so much more time and effort to fix. Keep at it and it a few years you will have less to deal with because they will know the rules, and hopefully won't push it. Taught my kids very young what the rules were and they knew that there was never a second shot — no meant no, yes meant yes, and that was it. No whining, no fussing, nothing. Got them extra chores or extra schoolwork (homeschooler). 🙂

  3. I am glad you all are double teaming them back. Twins DO seem to work in tandem. Ours are a bit spoiled too and I am motivated by ur article plus the comments of the two folks above….thanks!

  4. Every post I read sounds like our house and our desperate attempts at containing the chaos with 3.5 year old G/B twins. I keep repeating the same mantra in the midst of meltdowns and manipulation…this too shall pass!

    Glad to be following you and looking forward to more of your adventures in parenting.

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