Father’s Day Fun!

Yesterday was Father’s Day!

The girls were very excited to have Daddy open his Father’s Day cards, which had been sitting on a shelf (out of their reach) for a week now.

Then, after breakfast, my husband proceeded to take care of the kids, while I got things ready for a BBQ we were going to at our church.

THEN, at the BBQ, he continued to take care of the kids while I did some volunteer work facepainting the kids at the BBQ!

And at the end of it all, he said he was grateful to have had the opportunity to spend so much time with the kids!  Well, I’m really so proud of him!  He’s got a terrific bond with our girls, and I think he’s probably the best example of a father that I’ve ever seen.

The girls had a great time, too.  Halle was so excited to have her own face adorned with a little ladybug design, and at first Zanna was a bit leery of it, but when she saw all the other children lining up and smiling in the mirror when they were done, then she wanted a little bluebird on her own cheek.

Then my husband took the girls to the dunk tank – they had some willing sacrificial victims perched up on a low platform, and people could chuck balls at the target in hopes of the platform collapsing and getting the victim thoroughly soaked.

Zanna was very intrigued by this and insisted on having a turn.  So my husband forked over a dollar and Zanna threw her first beanbag.  It fell way too short, so the booth manager said she could move closer.  Still no joy.  So she kept moving closer and closer and closer, but just couldn’t hit the target.  At last, having run out of beanbags, she trotted up to the target and gave it a hefty whack with her hand, while everyone laughed and someone got a good dunking!

Then it was Halle’s turn and things pretty much proceeded in similar fashion.

For a time, Halle was my assistant at the facepainting station, while Daddy went to take care of Zanna’s extreme wardrobe malfunction (a nice way of saying she had a poo explosion in her pants – she says she’s too big to be pooping in diapers, but she still doesn’t want to do it in the potty – so she ends up holding it in until disaster occurs.)

Halle reassured the person undergoing the facepainting procedure that they “look so good!”, and other supportive comments, while hectoring me to let her handle the painting.  At that point the person in the chair started looking a little nervous, but then luckily, my husband was back with a scrubbed-down Zanna, and the three of them went off to play in the little wading pool that was set up for the little ones – and got absolutely soaking wet!

By the time it was dark, we packed up, got the girls changed in our minivan (with the extra clothes my husband had the foresight to bring), and we HOPED the girls would just doze off on the way home and we could just shovel them into bed, and collapse ourselves.

No. Way.

They were all bright and cheery and buzzed – and it came to light that both my husband AND myself had each given the girls a piece of Father’s Day cake.

They were on what was probably the first sugar-high of their lives.

Oh. Freakin’. Joy.

We got home, chased the girls around trying to brush their teeth VERY WELL, and finally corralled our little critters and surprisingly, got them into bed and lights out with very little fuss 8) .

Then us two big’uns did a little collapsing ourselves until 6:30am the next morning when Halle woke us up – which was actually a very good thing for once, as my husband had overslept and was now late for work 🙂

All in all, it was a great Father’s Day!

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