Good Eats For Orangutans


With many toddlers/pre-k’s there is an everpresent danger that their diet will become monochromatic.

Either the yellow of cheese,  the off-white of pasta and bread, the beige of o’s, or a medley of the above if you’re lucky.  However none of the above qualify for ‘eat a rainbow every day‘.  Except bananas, but your child can’t survive on monkey fruit alone.

We’ve done the requisite display of new foods at least 13 times without our children showing the slightest interest in their new culinary ‘friends’ beyond doing heinous things with foodstuffs that have required more than one stuffed animal to go into detox.  I’m expecting the therapist’s bills for one teddy alone to be the size of a small nation’s buying price.

I’ve tried taking the kids with me shopping and letting them handle the fruits and veggies, and then having to purchase those fruits and veggies because of their subsequent non-saleability.

I’ve gotten kiddie books showing (of course) fictional children chowing down on mountains of various different foods.

I’ve even read them ‘Green Eggs & Ham’ to show them that trying new things can turn out well if they are willing.

None of it made a dent, and I’m not foolish enough to let my wild orangutan babies into the kitchen with me to help cook.

So I next turned to the Food Network.  At first the girls shrieked in dismay at the awful horror of having to watch ‘Mama Shows’, but then they actually seemed to get into Iron Chef and Rachel Ray, though they never did cozy up to Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen from Syfy.

But the undisputed star of their culinary viewing pleasure… Alton Brown, the spiky-haired funster of ‘Good Eats’.  They like his hair, they like the fun food-fact performances and they love watching him cook.

So now we’re going through my stash of pre-recorded episodes of ‘Good Eats’ in hopes that it will stimulate the girls’ desire to try new foods.  So far things have been going pretty well. While the girls won’t actually eat substantial quantities of new things, they are at least willing to taste them!

So we’ll press on with the expansion of our culinary horizons, and hopefully we’ll make it to that rainbow someday!

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