I told you so!

The girls are now less than a month away from turning 4.  And we have hit another joyful milestone in any childhood – the ‘I told you so’ phase.

We went to visit our community garden plot, and someone had a cute little doggy there.  It lunged in a frenzy of desperate doggy ‘please pet me’-ness and Zanna backed away quickly, and promptly fell butt-first into a full bucket of water someone had brought for watering plants.  There she was, soaked from the neck down while Halle stood over her waggling her finger at her, “I TOLD you – don’t go in the water, Zanna!”

Now, all day long the “I told you’s” ring out.  The girls have become quite the little finger wagglers as they lecture each other on proper comportment as befits a young lady of four years old.

One gratifying point is that at least they don’t listen any better to each other than they do to me!…On the other hand, if they did, I could probably talk my husband into letting me have a vacation all by myself!  “It’s ok honey, the girls will keep each other in line!” I’d gaily sing out on my way out the door for my caribbean getaway…

It’s nice to have a dream…

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8 thoughts on “I told you so!

  1. I told you…. is better than “I’m gonna telllllll!” It shows more responsibility for one’s own…er..the other’s actions.

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