Too Tired To Check The Mail

Anyone who knows me as more than a passing acquaintance, knows that there is one thing that I look forward to with fervent passion in my daily routine:  checking the mailbox.

This has brought no small amount of amusement into the lives of my nearest and dearest.  (I try to surround myself with those who are both low-maintenance and easily amused – it makes life just that much easier on me.)

It’s like Christmas every day! (Or Chanukah/Kwaanza/pick-your-fave)  You never know what’s going to be inside the mailbox

(Though I’ve learned that standing behind the mailperson, practically breathing down their neck as they sort thru and fill the mailboxes, is not the best idea.  They somehow get the impression that I’m some kind of creepy stalker person.  I’m not.  Really.).

It could be something great, like a present, or a freebie I’ve sent away for, or it could be the equivalent of Charlie Brown’s lump of coal:  bills.  Or creepy adult catalogs that a previous tenent had subscribed to.

But that scintillating, exciting moment, when you turn the key in the lock and slowly inch the lid open – thrills like none other – the non-scientific equivalent of Schrodinger’s Cat.  Truly, life can’t get much more exciting than this!

Yes, that much I love getting mail.  I totally get it when Steve on Blue’s Clues does his “Mail” song and dance routine.

And I’ve tried my hardest to instill this love of getting mail in my children.  They just look at me pityingly as if to say “Mommy, we love you even though it’s utterly pathetic that the high point of your day is checking the mailbox.”

But today, I was not able to check the mail.  I’m tired, I’ve got a toothache, I’ve gotten my ‘monthly visitor’, and I’ve either got a horrible pollen allergy or an actual cold.  I’m not sure which.
Ok, I’ve finally schlepped myself out the door to check the mail.
It was empty.  I think I’m going to cry.  Nobody loves me…not even the bill people or the junk-mail senders!

Some days are just like that…

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2 thoughts on “Too Tired To Check The Mail

  1. Sounds like you need some down time. 🙂
    Take a break and give yourself some rest.
    The herbal tincture Green Biotic works great for tooth aches and infections. If your feeling really crappy it could be from the poison in your system from your hurting tooth. Hope you feel better soon.

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