Mommy Owies – a.k.a. UTI – Urinary Tract Infection

Guess what?  My CUTI is back!  (Chronic Urinary Tract Infection).  If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to get one of these, I have SO much sympathy – especially if you still have to care for small children and run around doing errands while suffering from this!

Like me.

Normally I just get a twinge or two the week before my period hits.  This time however, I’ve been taking a course of antibiotics because of the sore tooth (that almost had me doing a root canal – thankfully I dodged that bullet!), and that probably set me up for a bit of a yeast infection (silly me, I forgot to supplement with probiotics*), and combined with the blazing heat and a bit of dehydration — Hellooo world of hurt!

So what do I do on a Sunday evening, the local CVS minute clinic is closed and there’s no one but myself to rely on to get through this?

  • I take my homeopathic* remedies: arnica montana, sulphur(diagnosed by a specialist to be the best for my personal situation to re-balance my hormones), pulsatilla – also known as the ‘queen of homeopathic remedies’.
  • I take some d-mannose* – this is a naturally occurring sugar that is a decoy to lure away the infection-causing microbes from the urinary tract walls.  The two brands I keep stocked are:  ClearTract (which is 100% d-mannose) & UT ANSWER (which is d-mannose combined with cranberry extract and other stuff – a 3-day regimen)
  • I also drink TONS of water*
  • I apply a topical cream called: Oregon’s Wild Harvest Calendula & Tea Tree* (calendula is soothing and the tea tree oil also is antibacterial.
  • I wash with a calendula soap called At Last Naturals Born Again MSM Herbal Moisturizing Soap* (It has aloe vera, calendula extract and MSM which is a naturally ocurring form of sulphur)
  • If needed I take some tylenol or ibuprofen.

And usually within a few days I’m feeling better.

Yes, I’ve heard that mixing a little Arm & Hammer with water helps – but BEWARE:  That only reduces the acid in your urine so it doesn’t hurt so much when it passes thru your urinary tract – it DOESN’T DO A THING for the actual infection, which can actually get worse to the point of being A Very Bad Thing.

Also, be aware of some other symptoms:  fever, kidney pain, pus/blood in the urine, back or stomach cramps, hot/cold chills, and pain that does not abate – if you have any of these symptoms – PLEASE SEE YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!!

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**Disclaimer:  I’m not claiming any particular health benefits from any of these items, as FDA regulations state that only FDA approved drugs are permitted to be used to cure anything (regardless of scientific studies and decades/centuries/millenia proven track record of natural cures’ success rates – I bet the FDA never had UTI’s!!!).

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3 thoughts on “Mommy Owies – a.k.a. UTI – Urinary Tract Infection

  1. Thanks! The meds had me seriously dizzy for awhile, but the pain is mostly gone. I’ve ordered a yeast cleansing kit w/probiotics and restocked my homeopathic stuff, so things should be put right pretty soon. Thanks for your kind concern 🙂

  2. Hi there,
    I have twins too, they are 21. After I had my twins, I had problems with urinary tract infections for a few years. I took cranberry capsules that I got from the health food store and they finally went away. I know what you are going through. I hope you feel better!
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