Veggie Sneak Attack Giveaway – ENDED

Getting my girls to eat anything remotely resembling vegetables is a chore.

A painfully torturous one.

But I’ve come up with a few sneaky tricks to get the veg in:

Mac & Cheese:  This dish can hide a multitude of evil veggies!  Cooked and pureed carrots blend nicely without notice, as do peeled raw zucchini, and steamed and pureed cauliflower!  (I once tried pureed peas and passing it off as a special springtime version, but that didn’t really work out too well, as it was a bit greenish.)

Yogurt: Lightly sweetened yogurt can take a hit of greens powder mixed in, and if the resulting greenish color is a bit off-putting, just puree some fresh or frozen blueberries and the little ones won’t notice the difference!

Spaghetti Sauce:  Any white or orange-y veggie can be pureed and mixed into this and pass under the veg radar.

Sweet Hummus:  Instead of garlic and lemon juice being added in to pureed garbanzo beans, add something sweet like maple syrup, honey, or pureed bananas or peaches.  (my kids won’t eat regular hummus, but they will accept this sweet alternative to dip things into.

So what tips and tricks do you have for getting veggies into your kids?  Let us know in a comment below (mandatory entry) and be entered into our giveaway!

Two winners will be selected and will each receive 1 book.

The two books are both by Elisa Zied:


And to make this giveaway extra special, we’re using Rafflecopter for the first time!!!  Hopefully this will make the entry process MUCH easier for you 🙂


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60 thoughts on “Veggie Sneak Attack Giveaway – ENDED

  1. My kids don’t like cooked vegetables but they love pasta so I fix whole wheat pasta and add chopped green and red peppers, zuccini & summer squash, eggplant, and spinach into the tomato sauce. I then add a small lettuce salad as a side dish. When packing lunches, I substitute raw celery, baby carrots, brocolli, and cauliflower instead of chips.

  2. As a kid, I actually loved vegetables, partly because we often got them fresh from my grandparents’ garden, & I was involved with the process of getting them to the table. I suppose I do much the same w/ my own daughter; although we don’t have a big enough yard for much more than some tomatoes, she is almost always involved with the shopping & the preparing of the vegetables she is served!

  3. The best thing I can do is to feed my kids the fruits and veggies that they enjoy eating, such as raw green pepper with dressing, and to indroduce them to a variety of fresh foods!

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