Veggie Sneak Attack Giveaway – ENDED

Getting my girls to eat anything remotely resembling vegetables is a chore.

A painfully torturous one.

But I’ve come up with a few sneaky tricks to get the veg in:

Mac & Cheese:  This dish can hide a multitude of evil veggies!  Cooked and pureed carrots blend nicely without notice, as do peeled raw zucchini, and steamed and pureed cauliflower!  (I once tried pureed peas and passing it off as a special springtime version, but that didn’t really work out too well, as it was a bit greenish.)

Yogurt: Lightly sweetened yogurt can take a hit of greens powder mixed in, and if the resulting greenish color is a bit off-putting, just puree some fresh or frozen blueberries and the little ones won’t notice the difference!

Spaghetti Sauce:  Any white or orange-y veggie can be pureed and mixed into this and pass under the veg radar.

Sweet Hummus:  Instead of garlic and lemon juice being added in to pureed garbanzo beans, add something sweet like maple syrup, honey, or pureed bananas or peaches.  (my kids won’t eat regular hummus, but they will accept this sweet alternative to dip things into.

So what tips and tricks do you have for getting veggies into your kids?  Let us know in a comment below (mandatory entry) and be entered into our giveaway!

Two winners will be selected and will each receive 1 book.

The two books are both by Elisa Zied:


And to make this giveaway extra special, we’re using Rafflecopter for the first time!!!  Hopefully this will make the entry process MUCH easier for you 🙂


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60 thoughts on “Veggie Sneak Attack Giveaway – ENDED

  1. We try to get the kids interested in veggies with growing some veggies, or creative ways of serving veggies (how we cut up the veggies, provide dips, etc).
    marysa at marysa dot com

  2. I can get them to eat them only with some sort of dip, ranch is their favorite, I get the lowfat kind

  3. We get a good veggie dip or french onion dip and get baby carrots or celery cut into short sections. The kids eat them up and we find no problems getting to eat their fill.

  4. Its been hard…we try to make contests for who eats the most or we add things liek some cheeses to make it more kid friendly.

  5. I don’t have any tricks, I don’t need to try hard to make my son eat veggies because my he loves them. I think it all starts when kids see what their parents eat.

  6. I started mine out very young learning to give veggies a chance. I never forced them, but if you didn’t try the new veggie, you didn’t get dessert. I did always have his favorites available, but it was learned to at least give the new one a try.

  7. I offer salad before dinner. When the kids start complaining about how hungry they are, I say look, “Here’s the salad.” Most nights they’ll eat it.

    I puree veggies in spaghetti sauce (in my blender).

  8. I don’t have too much of an issue right now. It’s served as a side and she eats it or she doesn’t, mostly she’ll always eat certain veggies

  9. I try to make the veggies as tasty as possiable with cheese or I use a juicer to mix up the veggies into a tastey drink. About the only two I found that work. Good giveaway.

  10. For my 2 oldest children: ranch dip for raw veggies…no tried and true go to for cooked veggies. My 2 youngest love veggies.

  11. I have already tried to post this, but it didn’t appear to work. I’m sorry if it is duplicated.

    For my 2 oldest children: ranch dip for raw veggies…no tried and true go to for cooked veggies. My 2 youngest love veggies.

  12. I usually try to mix them into what they already like (add veggies to quesadillas, veggies in smoothies..)

    coleycoupons at yahoo dot com

  13. I give them cut up veggies with some kind of ranch dressing, and try to shred up zucchini into lasagna and spagetti sauce

  14. I am very fortunate that my four kids aren’t too picky and will typically eat their veggies. However, my favorite sneak attack is the strawberry smoothie that has a TON of green spinach incorporated in it. They don’t taste it or see it so they chow down lol

  15. I used to fight with my kids to eat their veggies, and yes, I would try to hide it in their food and disguise it, until one fine day, I just melted some cheese on the broccoli and found out that they will eat a ton of veggies with cheese. Now all veggies have cheese sauce, probably not the best solution but it works!

  16. I don’t really have a method that works to get my kids to eat vegetables except for feeding them only the veggies they like, such as asparagus. I also sometimes withhold bread so they will eat their veggies and get bread as a reward.
    Sometimes I hide spinach in pasta.

    mamaswears at gmail dot com

  17. we put cut veggies on the table while we cook, when the kids come in saying they are hungry we let them know dinner is coming but feel free to have what’s already on the table, they always finish the veggies before dinner

  18. I have them help me plant the garden, pick produce from the garden, and prepare it. They eat it out pride in ownership!

    avroradavidovna at gmail dot com

  19. the only vegetable my child will knowingly eat is carrots, cut up and served with ranch dip. i puree all kinds of veggies into spaghetti sauce and serve a wide variety of fruits which my 3 year old will thankfully eat

  20. We have a small veggie and herb garden and they help to take care of it… it makes them want to “eat the fruits of their labor”… they have eaten things I’d never thought they would only because they had grown it… works wonders!

  21. My mom just wouldn’t let us leave the table until we finished our veggies. Unfortunately, we were stubborn little things and fed some of our veggies to the dog under the table when she wasn’t looking!

    zoekyklos at gmail dot com

  22. I can get carrots,broccoli and califlower in them with ranch dressing! they think everything is better with ranch!

  23. My daughters love salad! Otherwise, I just mix veggies into anything I cook! My husband is the tricky one to get to eat veggies!

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