Eat, Pee, Sleep, part 2

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The Potty Report!!

When we last left our intrepid mama & twin 4yr old, there was some amount of success having been achieved with the PottyTots training kit.  Both the girls could use the potty, usually not be wasteful with toilet paper, and could get their pants down and back up all by themselves.

Halle is proud as a peacock everytime she goes potty and demands an audience.  She would also like stickers upon completion, thank you very much!

Zanna, however, had become a chronic pants-wetter.  She’d keep grabbing her ‘area’, I’d ask if she’d have to go to the potty, she’d say ‘no’, and a few minutes later – wet pants!

So I tried physically placing her on the potty whenever she did the ‘area’ grab, but she’d refuse to pee.  She’d certainly make a good show of grunting and straining, but not a drop came out. So I’d let her go, and sure enough, within a few minutes, wet pants.

Then there was poo…Zanna absolutely refused to poo in the potty.  She’d hold it all day and at night, within minutes after getting her sleeping diaper on, she’d let loose, and we’d have to re-diaper her.

One time she had an epic ‘wardrobe malfunction’ with her pants during the daytime, at a Father’s Day BBQ, and that got her willing enough to use the potty for its intended purpose, but the effect only lasted a few days, then it was back to pants wetting and diaper-pooping.

We were at a complete loss for what to do!

Then I managed to luck out by finding some shiny foil frog stickers, and Zanna used the potty until the novelty of shiny stickers wore off.  Puffy stickers also worked for about a day.  Clearly she had her price and was open to bribery, but then she wanted more and more stickers.

Unwilling to give in to an escalation of bribery, last night I’d had enough.

No diaper, I told her, until there is a sizable amount of poo in the potty.  She willingly sat on the potty for 20 minutes with the usual show of grunting, but no joy.  She wanted her diaper.

I held my ground.  It was bedtime, and she could darn well go to bed with panties on.  No poo, no diaper.  And she’d only get one more potty trip that night.  I was dreading the flooded and poo-ed bed that I was sure would ensue, but I’d had enough.  And I was pretty tired, and perhaps not in the best frame of mind, if I was actually considering such an insane course of action.

Middle of the night, she woke me up.  She’d wet just a teensy bit, but made it to the potty for the rest.  No poo though, so still no diaper.  And in the morning, she woke up dry, and un-poopy.

So no more diapers for Zanna!  Hooray!  Now I’m just hoping she’ll do a poo in the potty and not in her pants while we’re out and about!

And if we can stick with Zanna making it to morning without wetting the bed for a couple of days, then I’m going to try Halle on no-diaper nighttimes, too!

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