Play-Doh Playdate Activity Website Review


“Hey lady!  Where’s my pizza?!”

That’s me, trying to emulate a disgruntled New Jersey pizza restaurant customer.

My twin girls, age 4, think this is hilarious for some reason.  They demand over and over again that I repeat this, while they pretend to fill my order.

Last week, when I was offered the chance to take a look at Play-Doh’s new Playdate Activity Website, I was especially intrigued when I noticed that this month is “Pizza Playdate” month, and that they had different activities, crafts and snack ideas building on this central theme.  My girls love playing ‘Pizza Parlour” anyway, so this seemed like it would be a lot of fun.

And when Play-Doh mentioned the magic words “You and your children will enjoy virtually endless hours of imaginative play with fun and engaging PLAY-DOH Play-Date ideas. “  my ears perked up quicker than ol’ Sparky the dalmation dog at the firehouse, when the fire alarm goes off.

Yes, these are indeed words to make any mother of 4yr old twins drool worse than Pavlov’s pooch!

Let’s face it, anything that can grant a chronically sleep-deprived mommy a moment of peace or two, wherein to gather the frazzled remnants of what used to be her nerves and pat them soothingly, ‘There, there, poor nerves,” and give her a few moments’ respite from whining in stereo (twins, remember?)  of such excruciating degree that it would make a dentist’s drill pale with envy, is going to be worth looking into!

So, I decided to try out the new Play-Doh Playdate Activity Website.

Ok, here’s what you will first see:

And lest we forget – those magical words:
“Play-Date Ideas

You and your children will enjoy virtually endless hours of imaginative play with fun and engaging PLAY-DOH Play-Date ideas. Each theme includes step-by-step instructions to create PLAY-DOH Fresh Ideas, printable crafts, and healthy snacks to help you host the perfect PLAY-DOH Play-Date!”

Since my girls normally have the attention span of gerbils, I decided to suss out the pizza playdate activities beforehand, to make sure I had everything I needed at hand, lest my girls get <shudder> creative, while I took my time getting ready.

I needed:

  • scissors – to cut out the papercrafts I printed off the website
  • gluestick – to paste together the papercrafts
  • a rolling pin for each child (or they can just smoosh the clay flat w/hands
  • Play-Doh in the appropriate colors
  • and we used a mini-playdoh extruder, but you can make all the shapes w/hands


The website lists for each theme:

Fresh Ideas – theme-related objects you can make with Play-Doh.

For the pizza playdate theme, they had Calzone, Pizza, Gelato, and Pizza Toppings:

(If you click on these pics (on the Play-Doh Playdates website) they show step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to construct the Play-Doh theme-related models.)

Crafts – theme-related papercrafts you can print out, cut out and with a little gluesticking, construct cute accessories to your Play-Doh Playdate themed adventure.

For the pizza playdate theme, they had a pizza delivery box, pizza paddle, pizza restaurant menu, and a restaurant ‘open’ sign.


Snacks – theme-related snacks that a child could assist in assembling/cooking with their parent, to go along with the playdate activities.

In this case, they listed:

Earth’s Best brand Organic Sesame Street Soup, and a recipe for English Muffin Pizzas, complete with step-by-step instructions and pictures.


Here’s a slideshow of the girls working on their pizza masterpieces:

(hover your mouse over the slide and you can advance by clicking on either the right or left side arrows)


Zanna & Halle had differing styles in completing the projects.

Zanna preferred a more traditional approach, following the directions more closely, and she happily spent ONE HOUR working on her pizza!

Halle went with an outside-the-box method, first reducing the play-doh to its constituent molecules, before reconstructing them into her desired items.  She was engrossed in carefully and painstakingly putting together her pizza for TWO HOURS!

Yeah, I’d call Play-Doh’s Playdate Activity Website a tremendous success!

Here’s what Play-Doh had to say about the website:

Getting the Product
The product is available online for free at: We’d like you to try out their different Play-Date ideas including Fresh Ideas, Crafts and Snacks.
Play-Doh is sure that these activities will be fun for the entire family. If
you don’t have Play-Doh in your household, that’s OK — many activities like
Crafts and Snacks don’t need it.

The other playdate themes listed were:


*Disclosure: This post is part of a SocialMoms product evaluation, for which
I’ve been selected. I’ve been compensated for my time with 8,000 My
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Points<>, and reimbursed for the Play-Doh used in the making of this post, and offered the option of receiving a Play-Doh toy.
The opinions expressed in this post are mine and don’t necessarily reflect
the opinions of SocialMoms or Play-Doh.

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