I’m dreaming of a white….Halloween?!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but trick-or-treating is so delightful!

Sounds like Jack Skellington’s got his holidays skewed again, right?  According to the news reports, there’s even a “graveyard” of trees littering the roads!

And whatever happended to global warming?  Where is it when we really need it?

Our neighborhood Halloween block party was canceled, so it’s a good thing I’ve learned from experience and not really mentioned an event to the twins, unless it’s going to happen for sure in the next half hour or so!  They didn’t even miss it, thank goodness.

Nope, they just wanted to romp around in the freezing temperatures and frolic with all that lovely sleet and slush and snow that was accumulating outside.  They didn’t much care for mommy’s explanation that it was just too darn cold out there for them, so I told them it was so cold, they’d turn into kidsicles – kid-size popsicles – and bears would come and want to snack on them.  That worked.

And tomorrow we’re going to get Bubbe (hopefully if the roads are passable) so she can see them parade around in their little tinkerbell costumes at pre-k on Halloween.  Then, if all goes well, we’ll be fundraising for the NJ Food Bank.


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