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At first when I started writing this blog, back in ’08, I was fairly drowning in the rigors of twin mommyhood and hoping to leave a few breadcrumbs for other new parents of multiples to help find their way – hopefully with fewer blunders than we made.

And there definitely was a difference back then, in raising twinfants as compared to two small children of varying ages.

But now that my girls are 4, things seem to have evened out and other than the fact that I’m still outnumbered and outgunned by my little darlings, things don’t seem to be as twincentric in my life.  I’ve kind of settled down to a general sense of overall exhaustion that is part and parcel of raising two little girls.

So I’ve had to look a little harder to find some twinny goodness to share with you.  These days it’s more compare and contrast their personalities than being overwhelmed by an avalanche, nay – an onslaught – of parental responsibility, though that goes on as well.

For example, Zanna has been a bit of a chatterbox, but Halle didn’t have that much to say, at least not in the quantities that Zanna did.

Boy was I ever wrong!  Now that we’re nighttime potty training Halle and she wakes up in the middle of the night a bit more aware that she needs the potty, she’s also a bit more lucid and coherent at that time of night.

Two nights ago she regaled me for over 5 minutes non-stop, describing an extremely detailed dream she had – while clutching onto me so I couldn’t escape back to my own comfy bed.  It was a tale of snowball fights, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (my girls like to watch some of the kiddie vids the Olsen twins made way back when), and the singing veggies from Mr. Bloom’s Nursery (a BBC tv kiddie show), and Halle.  She apparently had a grand time in the dream, and was a little disappointed to have woken up just to use the potty.

Seems she just needs to have the right topic to get her chatting nonstop 🙂

Both of the girls are quite proud of being twins.  They introduce themselves to practically everyone we encounter – “I’m Halle and this is my sister Zanna and we’re TWINS!!”

They don’t look anything alike, though – Halle has my curly hair and petite frame, Zanna has her daddy’s straight hair and is a bit stockier.  Thankfully they both have their daddy’s nose – mine is too narrow and gets stuffy too easily.

Halle is a bit assertive and aggressive at times, and like a sweet snuggly kitten at others.

Zanna is still a bit passive and somewhat of a drama queen – should anyone so much as brush against her, she’ll fling herself on the ground as though in need of a medic!  She used to be more of a cuddler, but lately she’s not doing that so much.

Halle spends her free time teasing her sister, playing with her squinkies and creating elaborate adventures with her animal figurines and her sister.

Zanna’s latest kick is to “write” letters to her schoolmates and put stamps (stickers) on the notes.  She does this all day long.  It’s been a week now, and she doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon.  There are stacks of small bits of paper, her correspondance, littering our living room.

And both the girls like creating their own original artwork and taking it with us when we go out, so they can hand it out to random strangers and see them smile.

Yes, I’m a very blessed mama 🙂  And now I need to get some sleep!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Plenty of Twinnyness

  1. I work for a family who have twin 5year old boys!! I enjoy every minute I have with them. They look sooo much alike that only those of us who are with them often can distinguish which is which. I never know what to expect from either of them. Being boys, they love to wrestle with each other! Enjoy those sweet girls!

  2. I enjoy your blog immensely and am so glad things are evening out. You’re an experienced mom now! Savor these precious times. What’s that road sign up ahead? Teenage years! Thankfully, as a mom you grow with them.

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