You know you’re a tired mama when…

It’s been a rough several days.  First Zanna got sick, then I got sick, then Halle got sick, then my husband had a crisis at work that required a lot of TLC on my part, then we had a household crisis that required me to…

well let’s just say that I’ve been a very busy bee, while sporting a bit of a fever and a swollen, sore throat for the past few days!

Last night, in between caring for one or the other of my kids, and shoveling my husband over onto his side, so his jackhammer-like snores of doom would stop long enough for me to fall back to sleep,

I had a dream!

It was a great dream, an amazing dream, the kind of dream that other mamas can only dream about (haha pun!) and weep with envy for!

I dreamed I was in bed with Hugh Jackman.

There we were, we had just finished watching some dvd, and I had fallen asleep in the middle of it.  Every time I woke up, I just rolled over and went back to sleep, while poor Hugh scratched his head in puzzled disbelief.

I guess that sort of thing doesn’t often happen to him – women preferring sleep over interacting with him – but darn, that was the best nap I’d had in ages and I wasn’t going to miss out!

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