Halle & Zanna conquer Pre-K

I just had my first parent-teacher conferences with Halle & Zanna’s pre-k teachers.

Both of their teachers had great things to say about them, which was gratifying, but there were also some things that came up – some due to their being twins, and some due to their being 4 years old.

One common thing that both teachers mentioned was that even though Halle & Zanna are in separate classrooms, they still haven’t really bonded with the other children.  They’ll play side-by-side with them just fine and have conversations incidental to what they’re playing, but they don’t seem to have formed any specific friendships.

Halle’s teacher seemed to understand right off that it might be a twin thing, and it will just take Halle a little more time to settle into the relationships at school – this is the first time she’s been on her own without Zanna for an extended period of time, and it’s natural that her biggest bond would be with her twin.

Zanna’s teacher seemed to have concern that Zanna might not be capable of focused conversations with another child, or forming a social or heartistic bond with someone else.

I hastened to reassure her that Zanna has no trouble having lengthy chats with Halle at home and that the girls will seek each other out to play their own favorite games with, and that it was the exclusivity of their bond in nursury school that led me to the decision to have them in separate classes this year.

I further informed her that Zanna’s favorite hobby right now is playing with a little Hello Kitty stationary set and “writing letters” to ALL of her classmates, and that she frequently mentions them by name in conversation at home, and regards them with some affection and refers to them as her friends.

She also tends to refer to any child she meets in public as her “friend” or sometimes as her “cousin”.  She seems to think of everyone as a member of her extended family.

So Zanna’s teacher was much reassured that my daughter wasn’t a nascent sociopath in the making.

As for the other things that popped up with both girls in regards to classroom behavior – one was that both twins seem to be allergic to cleaning up after themselves before moving on to another activity.  Big surprise there.  We have the same problem at home.  We could start the day off with the apartment spotless, and by dinnertime it looks like ground zero of a hurricane!

And the other thing was that both girls are so excited to tell their teachers and classmates what’s on their mind, that they often forget to raise their hands and just blurt things out.

So, all-in-all, the girls are doing fine!  As far as academics go (?! at 4 years old they’ve got academics?!), both the girls are at average or above-average in letter and number recognition and in printing their letters.

And both the teachers have remarked on the girls’ love of the water tables in their classes, and that they do watercolor painting very well.

(Of course they would paint very well – their grandmother, a professional artist, gives them painting lessons at least once a week!)

Oh yes, and Zanna has been running little science experiments of her own in class – her teacher thought she’d been in the restroom a bit too long and went to investigate and found Zanna standing over the toilet, dipping a long piece of toilet paper into the water and observing the wicking effect as the water was absorbed into the tissue.  The teacher also mentioned that Zanna also seems to observe the way the paint reacts with the paper as she paints, and what happens when two sections of different colors meet.

(While Halle’s been cagey enough to not let on at school about her plans for future world domination, or her tendancy to perform human experimentation trials using her sister as a guinea pig, I know that the world has at best, less than two decades before she takes over and runs it all in the manner she deems fitting.

Right now, the plans that she’s let slip for the future of humanity are that everyone will color pretty pictures and give them to other people to make them happy.)

So all is well as far as school goes.  the twins’ teachers really enjoy having them in their classes and regard them with strong affection.

I am a happy mama!!

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3 thoughts on “Halle & Zanna conquer Pre-K

  1. Thats great that your twins are doing so well at nursery! I was much the same as Zanna when I was little, always concocting experienments with whatever substances I was drawing / painting with! And I turned out to be a musician! No idea why!
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  2. Oh yes I remember these days! They expect so much of such young ones, and the introverts are often singled out as “something might be wrong”. Don’t worry, my youngest didn’t speak (in school) for the first 6 months of kindergarten, and in 1st grade they thought I should have him tested for a disability. He just likes to observe & listen (so bad for learning, right?). Now he’s 16 and too smart for his own good! Ha Ha. Loved reading this post.
    Adding you to my G+ circles. Cheryl, H2H@H
    PS- I’m posting a new hop tomorrow.
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