Cascade Ice Organic Sparkling Water Review

As a blogger, assuming everything is going alright on the mama front (my main ‘gig’ – my ‘day job’, as it were) I can spend a lot of time in front of the computer doing ‘blogger stuff’, which isn’t always the amazing whirligig of fun you might imagine it to be.

To break the boredom as I try to figure out exactly why my latest post looks as though it were written in Sanskrit, I tend to snack.

And if you give a blogger a snack, chances are she’ll want a nice drink to wash it down with!  (and if you’re the first person to leave a comment naming the famous children’s book I just alluded to, you’ll win a prize! Don’t forget to include your email!)

All that can add up to a shocking amount of calories – which directly translates to extra tubbage on the waistline.

Not good for the health, ya know.

And for the holiday season, so many snack makers are coming up with ‘limited edition’ seasonal flavors that of course I have to try, because the world will end if I don’t.  Really.

So when someone comes up with a snack or beverage that I can indulge in without making my bathroom scale groan in travail when I step on it, then I am very interested in giving it a try!

The latest in beverage options for the health-conscious blogger and mom is Cascade Ice’s Organic Sparkling Water line.

It’s Sodium Free, Caffeine Free, and Gluten Free.  And more importantly, it’s Calorie Free, AND Organic.

It comes in Lemon Zest, Mixed Berry, Lemon-Lime and Citrus Twist flavors.

I got a chance to try Lemon-Lime and Mixed Berry.

First of all, when I opened the bottle, it didn’t explode in a froth like some sparkling beverages do.  This bodes well for my computer.

It had a pleasant scent and the sparkling part wasn’t too harsh.  Some sparkling drinks can leave you feeling like your tongue was attacked by fire-ants, but this didn’t.

The fruit essence was noticable.  Some sparkling waters have a barely-there presence of the flavor, but Cascade Ice’s Organic Sparkling Water’s flavors are all present and accounted for.

Happy (and Healthy) Holidays!

*Disclaimer: I was provided with 5 bottles of Cascade Ice Water for review purposes.  The opinions expressed above are my own honest opinion and were not influenced by Cascade Ice Water.

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