Somebody peed on Pooh

Yes folks, it’s time for another update on the potty sitch!

Our 4yr old twins are now at the point that they wear big girl undies all day long!

One of them rarely has any accidents, while the other girl gets a little too focused on playtime and sometimes has an “oopsie!” getting to the potty a little too late.

We’re still trying to get both girls onboard with the “wipe from front to back” deal, but they can both use the toilet with potty seat frame on it, all by themselves!

They also don’t waste toilet paper and can wash their hands with soap and water all by themselves, too – although we have to keep an ear out to make sure they don’t get too carried away with the waterfest!

Since they both have figured out how to dismantle the child-proof doorknob covers, and now have unrestricted access to the bathroom, we’ve had to empty out the area under the sink and in the medicine cabinet, to make sure there’s nothing dangerous they could get into, should the notion to go exploring enter their minds.

And….we’ve retired our little hallway travel potty for the most part.  We still keep it at the ready in the bathtub, so that if the potty is occupied, the waiting child can still avail herself of the “facilities” and not have an accident.

Speaking of accidents…

We’re also trying to nighttime potty train the girls.  One can sometimes make it all the way until morning with dry panties, but the other girl is such a heavy sleeper that we’ve decided to keep her in diapers at night for the time being – there are only so many times this tired mama can get up in the middle of the night to change sopping and soiled bedding, and pillows, and various stuffed animals that also got soaked.

And then in the morning have to face the huge mountain of peed-on bedding that needs to be laundered after a moist night with twin trainees.

Other than that, we’re still trying to convince one of our girls that it really is MUCH more pleasant to poo in the potty, and not demand to have a diaper placed on her rump solely for the purpose of pooing, and 1 minute afterwards she needs a fresh diaper.

But we’re making progress!

The PottyTots training chart is still very useful to keep the girls on track with their potty routine, and we’re bribing away with stickers and/or squinkies to achieve desired results – more or less.

So while some of our staff – namely, one Winnie the Pooh, is Really Not Happy At All, with being frequently laundered, most of us have resigned ourselves to now and then taking one for the team.

Happy Holidays!

And may your potty times be smooth ones!

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2 thoughts on “Somebody peed on Pooh

  1. I remember when my oldest was about two. She peed on her Cabbage Patch Doll. I washed it, and then hung it by its neck out on our deck to dry.

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