1 small smoothie for me – a giant “Hooray!” for ‘Real Moms Love To Eat’! – ENDED

Recently I’ve been reading a book “Real Moms Love To Eat” by Beth Aldrich.

It’s not actually a dieting book – at least, not like any I’ve ever read before!  It’s more like a lifestyle change book.  And the changes are so easy and gradual, that it’s not a hardship to put into practice.

And, I’ve got to face it:  I need some lifestyle changes!  My current ones have added 20+ pounds of ballast that I do not need to be lugging around while I try and keep up with my twin 4yr olds!

But, ‘diet’…UUGGHH!!!

I mean, just look at it: DIE t.  That can’t be good.  And whenever I think of doing that – dieting, not ‘pushing up daisies’ – I feel like just diving back into the bag of chips I clawed my way out of.

But that’s the remarkable thing about this book – it’s almost like she’s egging us on to eat the things we want!  Dark chocolate?  Go ahead!  Your favorite comfort food?  Dig in!

Instead of the deprivation a diet tries to force on you, Beth UNDERSTANDS what it’s like to be a real human!  A real woman!  A real mom!

We mommies need our yummy things!

And over and over while I read this book I was struck by the thought – OMG! She really is a “real” person!  She ‘gets’ it!

She breaks the book down into sections, and in each section, she writes about some EASY changes we can make that will end up having a major impact on how we eat (don’t worry – she knows we need the ‘yummo’ factor in our lives – no living off lettuce leaves and rabbit food for us!) and on our waistlines, buttocks, and the other major fat depositories we lug around on a daily basis.

I mean, how much of a hardship is it to be told “Eat chocolate.”?

In fact, that was the first lifestyle “change” I made. 🙂

The second was the addition of a green smoothie (I make mine with powdered greens I get from Trader Joe’s.) in the morning.  Now I even have my kids drinking them!  And I have to admit, that since I’ve started doing that, I’ve been less cranky in the mornings and have a little more energy to deal with my twins.

So far her suggestions have been spot on and not terrifying to comtemplate.  I like that.  I get enough terror dealing with my sweet little girls.

And I feel better about myself, now that I’m not continously reaching for whatever calorie-laden treat is at hand, both to stave off dizzyness because I’m too tired or busy to make a proper meal for myself (and can’t stomach the thought of eating PB&J AGAIN, because the twins just love it so.) and to comfort myself.

There are easy and tasty and healthy recipes, funny anecdotes – my fave is the family roadtrip to get cupcakes – and a warm feeling of solidarity with a woman who understands that life is not meant to be perpetual suffering for health’s sake!  And I love the way she describes food as though it were a wild romantic fling!  I was never bored while reading. 🙂

There’s plenty of good stuff in this book, and I urge you to run or order online (and maybe win a prize!) as fast as you can to get your hands on it!

For more news about the book and Beth’s book tour, you can find her online at:



and the Real Moms Love To Eat website!

About Author Beth Aldrich:

Beth Aldrich is a Certified Health Counselor, Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition Expert, engaging speaker, media personality and author of the book, Real Moms Love to Eat: How to Conduct a Love Affair with Food and Still Look Fabulous (New American Library, a member of the Penguin Group (USA), January 3, 2012); she delivers health, nutrition and balanced living fundamentals through keynote addresses, presentations, lectures and as a media spokesperson. As a health and nutrition columnist for Diet.com, SocialMoms.com, HotMomsClub.com and RealMomsLovetoEat.com, Beth shares her wisdom, experience and knowledge about health and nutrition topics. From food coaching, and living a balanced life to, the energetics of food and finding your passion, Beth delivers her message in a charismatic and inspiring way.


Here at Twice Blessed Life, we love new books by other mom bloggers and of course, free prizes!  Please help to celebrate the launch of  “Real Moms Love to Eat: How to Conduct a Love Affair with Food, Lose Weight and Feel Fabulous” (New American Library, a Penguin Books Imprint, January, 2012) by author, Beth Aldrich, Certified Health Counselor.

The book is broken down in three sections, which include a fun and easy-to-follow 10-part plan for moms to implement to make gradual, life-long changes in their approach to food and 21 days of meal suggestions,tips, recipes and lifestyle changes—all to help you continue your love affair with food to look fabulous. Beth’s approach to healthy eating is simple and realistic for busy moms. You’ll learn a lot about the food you eat and how it impacts your body and still have loads of fun experiencing new foods and enjoying your life.

Everyone that participates in this “virtual pre-order launch party” is eligible for randomly drawn prizes. Simply enter the the twice-a-month pre-order book giveaway, hosted by the RealMomsLovetoEat.com site. You can pre-order the book for one entry AND sign up for Beth’s FREE newsletter for a second entry!

Winners from this virtual book pre-order party will be chosen on January 3, 2012 through random.org and contacted via email.

Disclosure: I was gifted from Restoring Essence Nutrition, LLC-owner of Real Moms Love to Eat, a free digital copy of the book, “Real Moms Love to Eat” and an entry into the prize drawing on January 3,2012,  for participating in this virtual tour and writing about this book pre-order contest.

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